Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Monkey on my back!!

I had to "babysit" sommers monkey.....while she did homework.........she does this to me alot?? Sommer took the picture...and when I seen it all I could say was why do I have a bottle of bubble bath next to the computer?? Speaking of by the computer...after I scan a usually sits in a pile next to the computer until it gets submitted and put in an album...well all my layouts from the retreat were next to the computer.....and while sommer was on the computer...the layouts fell on the floor...and then she rolled over them with the computer chair.....over and over and about 4 layouts got ruined.....!!! yikes......I was'nt mad cause it was an accident....but I am not going to say it did'nt hurt a little.... I got one more layout request from Somerset yesterday I sent out 9 was kinda weird sending that many in one box......but felt good to get them in the mail.
Jeniece and Renee from the scrappy chic design team also had layouts picked I am hoping we all get in the same issue......'s my newest find...that I think is cool!! I'm pretty sure it's not new?? but its these cute stamps from 7 gypsies...we got them in at Scrappy Chic..and they only cost like $3.49??
Look at the cute designs......
I love the numbers.....
and here are the last 3 layouts that I got done at the retreat


Rachael said...

Beautiful layouts!!

You are on a roll, girl!! Congrats on all the pubs!!

Mary said...

Akk! I would have been crushed too. :( At least it wasn't the whole stack.

I love those 7G stamps!! Actually, I just love 7G!!!

You keep wow'ing me with your layouts! And congrats on the 9th call. :D

Anonymous said...

Too funny...monkey sitting? Sorry about the pages...but you just keep rockin them what's the problem!!! You are my publishing HERO....I need to start doing this. Love the pages done...and that retreat weekend looked fab...sorry I didn't get to time. See ya soon, Sandi

Silvitanova said...

I love the pages! I'm so happy for you that your pubed so often.
Hmmm.That's a cool stamp!