Sunday, March 21, 2010

Somerset Memories Spring 2010 issue

was pleasently surprised to see this in my mail box the other day, wasn't sure if I had any more pubs coming, and I am for sure this is my last.....but a couple of my favorite layouts.....gonna miss the pubs...still think about submitting again...just takes alot of time...but it was worth it...this top one is mine of tonee and those sunglasses...I remember doing this one at JJ's crop

and this one on the bottom of the page is mine...took pics of sommer on our railroad tracks here in carleton.

and last but not least is the one on the bottom of the page, when I did my stress test....

kind of a gloomy, in a mood...might be a good day to journal..or scrap..we shall see.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

did another simple page of the girls these pics that robin took from once upon a memory, again it feels good to be scrappin' again....even got the new issue of somerset memories yesterday...I had 3 layouts in there...and I think that's the last of my layouts to be published..which is kinda sad...just don't scrap anymore, let alone submit..but I would like to start again...but I will post pics of those tomorrow....... looks like it is supposed to be a beautiful day today, I have to work all I get to hear people come in and explain how beautiful it is well...the summer is coming..

Monday, March 15, 2010

scrappin' at Scrappy Chic

yesterday me and jeniece spent the entire day at scrappy chic scrappin' we both got 3 layouts done, and without much struggle, I think our creative sides just needed to put something down on paper, it felt good....and actually made me miss the days when we were at our full scrap addiction...where it seemed a week couldn't go by without us croppin'...and for myself I remember honestly that a day couldn't go by without touching something scrapbookish!! I miss it...and I think I need it...maybe I need to get my scrap area back up and functioning.....also wanted to say hi to kathy...a blog reader who I happened to run into at the store yesterday, it was great meeting you, and can't wait to try out these retreats you talked about....Oh another bummer...yesterday was my first day shopping' without a discount...since I'm not on the team at scrappy chic...ouch that kinda get used to always getting a discount...but I still did a little shoppin...the new bo bunny mammarazzi (not spelled right I'm sure) is so cute!!!!

so I did get a couple pages....done...hope to have more soon...

Friday, March 12, 2010