Saturday, August 11, 2012

scrappin at Scrappy Chic in livonia with the bff

finally got a chance to ecscape with the bff to spend the day scrapbooking, it was amazing!! we took off about 10am, heading off to scrappy chic, where we pretty much stayed until they closed at 9pm, but in between that time we also, went out for lunch, and get this....we ran to get matching tattoos...ha,ha!! for real we got scissors with the words i create under them on our wrists...I love it!! will have to post pics..but they're all on my after spending all day and night...I only got 3 layouts done..but it was a blast...that's funny I was worrying about posting a pic...well this is first layout has the
 2nd layout of me and the bff, at my daughters sweet 16 party, goofing off in the photo booth...we had more fun than the kids did ...i think..ha,ha
 and here is one off aadynn & payton playing at the beach, sterling state park beach is our fav..the girls love it!!!
 here are a couple more pics of the girls tat the beach....Tonee' bought them arm floaties, which I thought they would fight us on..but they both loved wearing them....but as soon as they put them on..they went marching towards the water, like they could swimm..

 and aadynn & payton...sharing lunch!! cuties....