Saturday, December 19, 2009

woke up this morning to my car covered in snow!! love that...just kinda gets ya in the christmas mood....last night finished up some more shopping, then just came home and hung out with sommer we watched the vampire diaries!! Dang she loves those vampires!! But it was fun...we watched tv and I wrapped, the tree is getting full of presents, still struggle with feeling those gushy xmas feelings, and I know my kids are kinda out of that magical xmas age, it's more about what's on their xmas list...but looking forward to our family xmas party xmas eve next week, looking forward to playing euchre......then christmas day..just sitting around here cooking...okay not actually me cooking...but my mom...dang I'm lucky to have !! LOL Oh and another page...I did at Scrappy chic the other day....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

CHA january 2010

Well I am so excited to get the chance to go to California in January for CHA...with my lss Scrappy Chic this will be my first time in california too...but feels good to say second time flying...Can't wait to find out what scrap celebs will be there...I have to say that is my favorite part!! and here is another page i finished up...from our trunk or treat at church!!
I think that I actually finished up christmas shoppin yesterday....felt good!! even picked up mom and went to lunch that was nice , we never really get a chance to do that....2 more days of school til' christmas vacation!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

actually went scrappin' yestereday at scrappy chic.....was actually there just to put the design team kits together!! but after seeing all the new studio calico, pink paislee, american crafts!! I was drawn in...and I just happened to never have unpacked my they were already in the back of pumpkin!! got three pages done for the is the first one of sommer in her winter hat!! will load the others...tomorrow!! Heading out the door to finish up some christmas shoppin'.....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Braces off

the braces are off......thought I would post my before and after pic....really happy with how they turned out!!!

mom is over for thanksgiving.....gonna cook up a feast tomorrow!! plus will catch me at the gym....kinda an anniversary thing for me....since I was there last thanksgiving.....but sorry the blog has been abandonded..not sure if anyone still comes around...and I am actually scrappin all day hoping to be hit with a bunch of scrap mojo....or at least remember how it!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

cute back side

...Okay by cute back side...I mean..why does it always seem the cuter design is usually on the backside of the paper, came across this reminisce paper at Scrappy chic...and on one side is all these animals..which is fine..if that's what you're looking for...but when I happened to flip them over I found these magical designs...first the wood grain, the green and red gingham...and look at the brown polka dot...and the awesome color stripe!! so glad I flipped them..and looking forward to scrappin' them with the peeps...we are all getting together at erins new place....will be fun to have the gang back together for an old days crop!! also feel for these new october afternoon rubons and stickers!! yum..and colors go with my new papers!!!

Everything is okay over here, just started 2 new classes at school..that are already tough...having to study everyday after school to keep up...dang..I'm tired..!! OH YEAH.. and incase you haven't heard christmas is next month!!! how did that happen...." ? seriously!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rose Corner Inn

Oh I miss it already this place was so first time going to a bed and breakfast, let alone a scrapbook bed and breakfast...but a girl could get used to this right behind that red tree is a screened in porch where we would sit and have our coffee...inthe morning....breathtaking view....
our bedroom...

and of course my partner in crime..Mr. Jeniece....we dream of owning one of our own someday..just need to win that lotto...hmmm..would we call it the Compher-Tackett Inn..or Tackett-Compher Inn....

and then a couple more pages I finished that weekend....I think I did a total of I still have a couple more to post..

Friday, October 30, 2009

more pages...

here are some more layouts from last weekend......

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

couple pages from

couple pages I got done from my scrapbook retreat last weekend...which I need to still post some sorry the blog has suffered..since my affair with

Sunday, October 18, 2009


finished up a couple pages for the design team at scrappy chic.......been taking lots of pics..trying to get ready for this weekend....going away for the weekend..and looking forward to it!!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Texas Tally Mini book

finished up a mini book from my trip to texas...for the DT at Scrappy if you go to the store..I hope you will check it out in person.....
Sweetest day...I feel so frustrated just thinking how it was, how it could've been..that you're gone...just feeling major anxiety today...I don't like it, but plan on hanging with friends and having fun.....took the girls out to see paranormal activity last night..had some scary moments...but not one of my favs...we also went halloween costume shopping...they're gonna be my lil' devils!! Have a great weekend....Oh yeah..looking forward to a weekend retreat next weekend with my bff....think it will be fun...

Monday, October 12, 2009

did get one page done at a crop friday night....between sommer texting me..all night...and then finally I had to run her around...Oh well...I also finished up a mini book..but still need to take some pics...
me and tonee' are heading down to Ed's hometown of chillicothe after school...his uncle passed away....Just one of those people, that was just an awesome person, funny, caring...always took us in....and me and the girls actually stayed with them this summer when we went down for the glad we had one last good visit.....he was only 62....and also had heart it should be an emotional day...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

scrapped a little

finished cutting my grass today, and shot a couple pics....hard to believe another summer is over, and this one..I pushed this mower all by myself......October is flying our family we can help but to live it week by week....can't believe it's going to be 2 years since Ed's been gone, I think me and the girls are going to run away this weekend....just us....but I did scrap a the new pics....

Monday, October 5, 2009

Donna Downey at Scrappy Chic

don't know if you've heard but THE Donna downey is going to be teaching at my lss Scrappy Chic... check out the info on their blog I am kinda bummed...I will be gone that reminds me the last time she came to town at another store, me and jeniece had paid for our tickets...months before....and then Ed surprised me with tickets to see Kathy griffin...who I also love!! and of course they were the same weekend.....he was so excited to have gotten these tickets without me knowing....there was no way I could'nt go to the one he bought!! I struggled with the time, but I know it was the right decision...and I had a blast!! but I always said she will be back...and she is...and of course I already have plans....Oh well!! Can't wait to hear all about her visit!! and I hope you all go get a spot before they sell out!! the mini books are gorgeous!!! Speaking of gorgeous...I ran across this 7 gypsies papers...I think it's called Barcelona!! yum....gorgeous polka dots and stripes in the most beautiful colors....I actually scrapbooked last night...been slowly working on a mini album....
so what else been going...not much, just trying to enjoy life, have fun.....did get a speeding ticket on saturday!! bad pumpkin!! I blame her....Okay weigh in tonight!! I know I haven't posted a video in a little bit so I will do that tonight good or bad news...ha,ha!!

Monday, September 28, 2009


after watching jeniece paint her inspired me to want to paint my old wicker seat.... so sommer helped me drag it in the yard, and start painting
It's not quite done yet...need to pick up one more can of paint....but I like the way it turned out.and really adds a bright welcome to the front of the house, it feels so fallish today...I'm ready for this fall.....halloween, weather, hoodies...pumpkins/....speaking of pumpkins..I also am making a pumpkin stem to decorate my car for halloween...but it turned out a little obscene..check it out on facebook...I posted pics!! but it's not done...

actually started working on a mini book of my trip to texas this summer...did the cover and the first page, and then ran out of adhesive...ughhhh!! Well it figures I would get the scrap bug, on the first day back to school!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Autumn issue of Somerset Memories

I got my copy of the autumn issue of the somerset memories, this is the first one of their big that they only do 2 a year...but it is huge...and packed full of tons of cool projects.....and they even have one of my layouts in there...this is mine on the top of the page......

so excited to be getting a week off of school....much needed...always gives us a boost when we go back, hard to believe and a little scary that we are half way done....but don't have much planned for the week, maybe take the girls to the apple orchard or something...they're getting so old....or maybe a movie night...a week from today...Tonee' turns 20 years old....still can't believe it!! Oh well gotta go...actually at work....and then I have weigh in tonight right after....wish me luck!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

First weigh in doing the optifast program

Rachel had mentioned watching oneof my old I thought ...In honor of my first anniversay of my journey I thought I would post my first weigh Great lakes weight and wellness....can't believe it's been a year....sometimes I need a reminder.....of where I started, and that is when I am thankful for these videos......

Sunday, September 13, 2009

weekend scrappin'

well hung out with the bff and actually scrapped...finished 3 pages for the DT at scrappy chic....

quick weekend...I am beat!! I think I am getting sick...throat hurts, tired,grumpy.....and obviously whiny!! ha,ha....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Faithy Monique Compher LaClair

I just realized I haven't introduced the newest member of the family....ughhh..Faithy...a stray at my moms.....I told sommer that she is her cat..when she moves out she can take her with her....but she is cute..and yes..Sommer has her dressed in baby doll clothes...but the cat loves it.. went scrapbooking at JJ's crop last bff bailed on me...but she wasn't feeling that's okay...but I did get one page...done..was funny at the crop, a couple people that read my blog..were on me, because I had said I was gonna get a ton of pages when they seen the one...I was busted!! but maybe i will scrap somemore with bff tonight.... Love this one used the new fabric word from prima...picked up from scrappy chic...and the riff raff swirl...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Scrapbook shopping at Scrappy Chic

ran into scrappy chic yesterday.....and just happen to walk in as they were unpacking the new pink paislee!!!'s fall and halloween...and its yummy!! I am trying not to touch it because I am croppin' on friday...and hoping to have this burst of "overly" due...scrapbook energy!!

also picked up some new prima...look at those alphas..and fabric words......

and more...and more....

didn't have weigh in last night.....was out running around with sommer..but will be back there on monday!! Well hopefully I will have some pages to post this weekend...of all these new goodies!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

outside scrappin'

yesterday was so beautiful......I decided to got outside and scrap on the back porch for awhile...and did actually finish up to pages...not much to them..but it felt good to be creative again....this first one is of lil' mikey on his birthday..enjoying the homemade cupcakes aunt stac made for him (okay store bought)!! but heck he doesn't have to know that... and this one is of me and the girls when we went to the paint your masterpiece place on sommers birthday

Life is pretty good right now, school is hard...this is the hardest mod since I started, I don't know if it's because we are kinda in the half way mark, and I am just feeling burned out!! but I just feel like I am having trouble "getting" it...!! But we keep truckin' along. Looking forward to project runway tomorrow....even if they keep kicking off the most entertaining people...just love that show!! Oh well gotta go..on my way out the door to school!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

hung out with jeniece last night...and we did scrap a little....finished up one page of our day at the beach over my school break.... not much going on today...thought about trying to hit some school shoppin''s been so much less stressful...cutting up the shopping instead of trying to finish it up all in one day!! Just plan on hanging with boo a little today...