Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

we grilled some bbq chicken breasts for memorial day.. and spent some time just relaxing by the pool....(kiddie pool that is)
all I need is to cover my porch in sand...and pretend I'm at the beach

yeah..I know it looks a little light out to start the bonfire...I think the kids just wanted to get going on the fire, so they could make some smores!! Plus the couldn't wait to watch the season premiere of Jon & Kate...but was very excited that we didn't burn down the field...and the christmas tree went up pretty quick!!Overall it was one of the most relaxing Memorial days....we've was just us...and that was okay!!

and I did scrap again.....yeah...just a quickie page of alyssa...I think this paper is from the new scenic route!

hope to get my car back today, they ended up having weigh in's last night, but I didn't go because of work/ and no I will post a video monday night next week.....
Yesterday I got a 100% on my essay!! for school....was so excited!Well off to school....Tonee's driving.....yikes!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a lil' scrappin'

I actually scrapped a lil' bit....what a weekend...felt like I was running all night on friday with friends, wedding on saturday, cookout and then bonfire on sunday.....but yesterday I stayed home with my girls all day...and the day couldn't of been more perfect, the weather was awesome, we filled up the lil' pool, cookout, just sat outside with the radio on...soaked up some sun..and even studied a little too...then we had a bonfire...I usually have all the family over, but this was just us...and it was very relaxing...there was no weigh in yesterday....probably good after the weekend...I just talked about!! ha,ha....

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memory Makers

got my copy of the issue of Memory Makers....that's mine at the bottom....was very cool to finally get a pub with Memory Makers mag!!
went to erin's wedding last was so beautiful....!! Today..I am going to a bonfire..and then tomorrow having one here..for me and the staying busy this weekend, but I am studying too...and even scrapped a little yesterday, after running up to scrappy chic to get my hands on some new October afternoon, cosmo cricket...and collage press!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Somerset Memories Toot!!!

wow!! felt good to see that email this morning...from Somerset!! It's been awhile!! so yeah...hope that inspires the scrap bug in me...I also need to keep an eye out for the next issue of Memory Makers..supposed to have a page in there, and scrapbooking and beyond...I think they're both august issues though.....Check out my Study was so relaxing....with the sun,blue sky...birds chirppin'... and sommer was already in pool's kinda funny to see the old "devil" pool in the back...but we prefer..the tiny blow up pool!!!


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Boring....Scrapbook low....

Oh my gosh...sorry for the boring scrapbook less blog...lately!!! I swear there is not a night...that I haven't had to study something...hope the blog picks up...and my scrapbooking picks since I don't have much going on...wanted to show you my new love!! this is a liverwurst and cheese sandwich....and it looks like it has pickles on top..but nope I finally broke down and tried avocado's and I'm in to slice e'm up and put them on top!! quick and easy fats... had alyssa over the other day......she is getting so big...hard to believe she will be 1 in july!!
the girls even painted her cute lil' toe pink of course!!

Well I am looking forward to the 3 day weekend.....and plan on putting the school books away..and grabbing some scrapbook supplies!!! I need it!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Heart Walk

had so much fun at the is a pic of my most of the people in my weekly group basically a picture of my support each monday night!! some of us....had pictures with us...of reasons we were here is a pic of me, cherrie and Melissa...
and I got a little star struck when I seen....Paws.....walk by..and asked teri to get a picture for me....

and after that we all went to Ruby tuesday for pressure a table with your nutritionist....hee,hee..but I ended up ordering a Turkey Avocado burger!! it was delicous.....and it came with a baked potato..which I took home and had the next day!!

but I was proud that I did the 3 miles.....without calling rescue..or holding up the entire group...I think I held my own!! and I hope to do it again next year..such an awesome cause...and again THANK YOU to everyone who sponsered me!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

well I went to get my tire fixed.....and ended up getting the tire covered under some insurance that I had...but when I came out I had a scratch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not happy!!! but I complained and they want me to come back have them look at it!!!it's been a crazy week....started a new mod...and lots of homework...

but we did get our report cards today...and was so happy to get all A's and my GPA is excited!!!

only 2 more days...til' the heart walk!!! I so can't wait!!! and I hope to take a bunch of pics!! and wanted to thank everybody who donated money.....I am gonna work it!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

started out looking like this...........well after the tow company came and put my spare on.....I must've ran over some metal..on my way home from church...saturday night....cause I woke up sunday morning with a flat tire!!! and you all know how I handle moments like this....not well!! But it gave me a test run on how to use the warranty stuff...or roadside service...which ended up being easy...and I paid for extra tire protection, so I am going tomorrow after school to see about getting a new tire!! we also had small amount of drama when the cookout started, but it chilled out, here is the reason for mothers day to me....My mom who I will say is the best mom ever!! yep...I said it...and check out this hideous planter I got her for mothers's so her.....she had eyed it up a few weeks ago....
I also got to meet Chris's mom....she was really nice, and I think we blended well...he also has the cutest lil' brother....and sister and neice who came along!!
Mom attempting to get those burgers cookin'
my brother and Tonee'.....
and the two Edy's playing in the flowers...Sommer and Alyssa
Lil' mikey kept putting flowers behind everyones was so cute..tried to get a pic with our matching flowers...but....kinda blurry..
but check out this sweetness...his dad hates when I take these cutie pics!
me and my girls....they all made me homemade cards, and mimi helped them get me some hanging baskets!!! thanks mimihere are my baskets aren't they beautiful!! now if I can only remember to water them......?? and don't miss mister cool!!!
me and mom!!!
Overall it was a pretty good mothers day...something forsure felt different...I think I'm different......
Tonight is weigh in....also started my next module at school...taking psychology...and medical terminology!! sounds like fun....right??

Saturday, May 9, 2009


went croppin' last night.....there weren't too...many of us..but I did hang til midnight, and got 3 pages that was cool!!this first one of me and the girls...I used some heidi swapp paper...some making memories stickers, and rubons...and some rusty pickle rubons... this one of Tonee' and some paper I had picked up from the yard sale at scrappy chic....don't remember who it is...and some ribbons from jillibean, I think the title rubon is from prima?? not positive..

this last one of sommer packing her jillibean paper, and alphas..

we are having a cookout tomorrow for Mothers day..just simple hotdogs and hamburgers....and I am meeting Tonee's boyfriends mom for the first wish me luck!! It's kinda weird it doesn't really feel like mothers day this year.....I guess it's not about yourself...and i just need to celebrate my mom!! and she will be over tomorrow...Hope everybody has a great weekend..

Friday, May 8, 2009

little yellow bicycle mini book

here's the mini book I finished with the little yellow bicycle Zinnia line..just filled it with pics of Sommer......don't know why I loaded this pic twice....oh well

tonight I am going croppin' with my CM peeps...missed our group last month , so I am looking forward to seeing everybody...seems like a lifetime ago!! Today is finals at school....can't wait to get them done...and start a new module on monday...I think it's going to be medical terminology!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

well happy is the first day of 2 days of big tests at school, feeling pretty good about them.....hit the gym yesterday....felt great!! Today...I have to babysit the tacketts one last time.....and probably study the entire time....I did want to post some scrappiness....that I've done..this one of some pics that erin sent me from her shower....and these next two are going to be at the Mega if you're going check out the Scrappy chic booth!!
on a sidenote.....Rachel...!! when you come to detroit...don't call a me would love to introduce you to Scrappy chic!!! We could just run and do a quicky......and other Rachel(Rachel W) girl..I am counting the days..til' I get that hug!! believe me.....

speaking of scrappy chic...they got lots of new my minds eye....yum!! and some new alphas..that I am in love with!! from jillibean...will take a pic to show you tomorrow!! they're cute!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

better weekend

such a better sunday this ended up being......than last week!! I scrapped a little...,hung with my bff( we were at wal-mart trying on hoochi-ma-ma high heel shoes...Oh' lord they were funny, but I am surprised we didn't break our ace),my family...good tv...speaking of...did you see the MtV show true life...I'm uncomfortable with my new body, it was so awesome, and about people who lost alot of weight and our now dealing with the skin!!we decided to get Chris on the lawnmower, with Tonee' directing of course...but he did a great job...

mom was just begging to get beat up by the rooster.....

me and boo!!!

love this pic of Sommer and my mom.....

and chris and tonee'.....that weiner looks like it hurts!! hee,hee..

mom and dad.....soaking up some sun...while we attempted to cookout!! had trouble getting the charcoal going....but finally it took off...cooked some turkey dogs!! and some vegie stir fry....

well getting ready to take off for school, got a quiz today...test wednesday...and the final on friday!! a little nervous about that one...but exciting for some new classes to start, I think we are having medical!! Oh and weigh in tonight.......just a quickie group, cause they're going on their grocery store field trip.........