Friday, October 19, 2007

all packed up......

I am all packed up and ready to go croppin' tonight!!! I hope to get a second wind....cause I did'nt sleep last night at all.......but I am really excited...!!! and my goal for the probably 4 layouts....and 6 cards....(okay just kidding on the cards....) , but I still have no camera...which no pics..but maybe I can get my friend jj to take a few for me..

I found out that I was tagged by ms grace and I need to list 7 random facts.....about here we go...hmmmm...

1. I am very sarcastic (sometimes you can't really be sure...if I am being maybe I am not to good at it)
2. I can be a smart ass.....(that could be under the sarcastic)
3. I worry.....way too..much, about things that never even happen
4. I am the worse housekeeper I know.....
5. Farts make me giggle (I's so wrong)
6. Family Guy is my favorite TV show to watch with my husband(sometimes I laugh so hard......I almost pmp!!!)
7. I am not a natural blonde!!!(what...I know you are completely shocked....ha,ha!! I have been dying my hair blonde for about 22 years now)

that was fun now I need to figure out who to tag???? watch out ladies!!

Okay...on a sad note- if you know me you know that I love my chickens....and one of them was hit by a car on wednesday!! Sommer was so upset......., and then....we ate chicken..for dinner that same night....and she just could'nt eat it!!! she cracks me up...sometimes!!


Carla said...

First off I would like to know how you lucked out and get to go to another CROP so soon...

I'm am so JEALOUS!!!

You must be paying the higher toll price these days.

I'm so sorry about the chickens! That is so sad. I know that was a hard day for the family!!!

Have a great time... I wish I was there with you!


renee said...

can't wait to see what you create this weekend...have fun!
by the way, my inspiration book is full of your layouts : ) so many awesome pages! and those were stamps on that clear page i had on my blog. have fun this weekend!

Wendy said...

WOW i am so jealous that are going to another crop, i really hope you have a fantastic time!

I am soooooo sorry about the chickens,though, try not to let it ruin your weekend though!!

I am looking forward to see what you did when you get back!!!