Saturday, December 19, 2009

woke up this morning to my car covered in snow!! love that...just kinda gets ya in the christmas mood....last night finished up some more shopping, then just came home and hung out with sommer we watched the vampire diaries!! Dang she loves those vampires!! But it was fun...we watched tv and I wrapped, the tree is getting full of presents, still struggle with feeling those gushy xmas feelings, and I know my kids are kinda out of that magical xmas age, it's more about what's on their xmas list...but looking forward to our family xmas party xmas eve next week, looking forward to playing euchre......then christmas day..just sitting around here cooking...okay not actually me cooking...but my mom...dang I'm lucky to have !! LOL Oh and another page...I did at Scrappy chic the other day....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

CHA january 2010

Well I am so excited to get the chance to go to California in January for CHA...with my lss Scrappy Chic this will be my first time in california too...but feels good to say second time flying...Can't wait to find out what scrap celebs will be there...I have to say that is my favorite part!! and here is another page i finished up...from our trunk or treat at church!!
I think that I actually finished up christmas shoppin yesterday....felt good!! even picked up mom and went to lunch that was nice , we never really get a chance to do that....2 more days of school til' christmas vacation!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

actually went scrappin' yestereday at scrappy chic.....was actually there just to put the design team kits together!! but after seeing all the new studio calico, pink paislee, american crafts!! I was drawn in...and I just happened to never have unpacked my they were already in the back of pumpkin!! got three pages done for the is the first one of sommer in her winter hat!! will load the others...tomorrow!! Heading out the door to finish up some christmas shoppin'.....

Saturday, December 12, 2009