Saturday, May 2, 2009

next week is our final week of our first 6 week Mod at school...really can't believe it's been six weeks!! next week...we have finals!! check out the cute you know I had to have my polka know I had to get some pics of us at school!!! I was teasing Tonee' that she looks like one of the girls on the advertising....this is us in our first class "keyboarding"
and then we head over to the medical assisting class
just realized that 2 weeks from today is the heart walk!!! I'm really excited!! hoping it's not 100* degrees...but I'm ready...been trying to do more time on the get ready....speaking of treadmill...I did actually make it to the gym...kicking and screaming.....went from school, to work, to the gym....didn't even put my gym clothes on, worked out in the scrubs....which I don't recommend...because the entire time I felt like my drawers were falling that would almost be as embarrasing as falling off the treadmill....!! have a great weekend....oh yeah did a couple pages last night too..will post tomorrow!!


Carmen O. said...

It's so great that you got pix of school! Love 'em. Hope you have a great weekend!

We're not going to Karmanos until 5/14. Hopefully we can stop at Scrappy Chic!

Anonymous said...

Precious! I love the school pic's!