Friday, May 1, 2009

cute magnets

for the texas tally rally crop I'm going to in july, we can bring something to add to the goodie bag.....and my friend renee makes these super cute magnets!! so I asked her for the how to....and me and the kids went to town last weekend (before I had my mini melt down)it was cute to see what they would pick out of the mags to add to the magnet!!
and here are a couple finished ones....still figuring out exactly what I'm going to do for the goodie bag....but since these are small I think they will be perfect!! and it's fun to look for tons of different designs to put on them...and they're super easy to make...and pretty cheap too, since you get the marbles from the dollar store!!

got a test today....then work, and hopefully the gym...if I can drag myself there after work!!!?? Then I am hoping for some beautiful weather this weekend....still haven't been able to scrap outside between the wind and rain, we dragged all our stuff outside to make the magnets on sunday and we were out there about 2 minutes and it started pouring!! so we were running back in....but I have a few more things to finish up for the Mega meet for scrappy chic.....

......something kinda sweet and good know how I had a melt down about the grass being long...and missing the fact that Ed would be in the garage getting the lawnmower ready, well the very next day....Ed's friend.....came out, on his the lawnmower, and weed whip going, started picking up the garage, because we hadn't really touched it......and then he came back basically he's been hanging out in the felt good having him out there...and I swear my garage has never looked so awesome!! but I wonder if a little gaurdian angel sent him this way....just kinda odd timing...or perfect timing!!!


Taniwha said...

Oh bless, how cool of Ed's friend to come and do that for you. Wonder if Ed sent him over?
Super cute magnets, I love them! Bet they'll be a hit in the goodie bags, and what a cool idea to get people making stuff for them, I like that :)
Hope you're having a good day chickadee, hugs Rach xXx

Carmen O. said...

Wow what fabulous magnets! I definitely have to make some of those. Tim has to go to Karmanos Cancer Center on Tues. I'm gonna try and get him to go to Scrappy Chic either on the way there or back. His appt is at 1pm so if we leave early enough we can go on the way up. Oh and some Einstein bagels would be yummy!
What a Blessing Ed's friend is! We need to mow here and we don't have much of an excuse. Hopefully either today or tomorrow it can get done, if it gets dry enough. Have a wonderful weekend Staci!

renee said...

staci, i love love love the magnets! they turned out so cool!! and about the garage...for sure there was a guardian angel watching over you!

Lal said...

LOVE that story! It's God's timing ;)