Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day

we grilled some bbq chicken breasts for memorial day.. and spent some time just relaxing by the pool....(kiddie pool that is)
all I need is to cover my porch in sand...and pretend I'm at the beach

yeah..I know it looks a little light out to start the bonfire...I think the kids just wanted to get going on the fire, so they could make some smores!! Plus the couldn't wait to watch the season premiere of Jon & Kate...but was very excited that we didn't burn down the field...and the christmas tree went up pretty quick!!Overall it was one of the most relaxing Memorial days....we've was just us...and that was okay!!

and I did scrap again.....yeah...just a quickie page of alyssa...I think this paper is from the new scenic route!

hope to get my car back today, they ended up having weigh in's last night, but I didn't go because of work/ and no I will post a video monday night next week.....
Yesterday I got a 100% on my essay!! for school....was so excited!Well off to school....Tonee's driving.....yikes!!


Anonymous said...

Is that "fresh" chicken?! Hope you wore extra panties in the car with Tonee, on second thought it could not have been as bad a riding with me?! Congrats on the essay score!


Babydoll said...

I'm glad you had a nice holidy. :)

Sandi Arnold said...

glad to see you had a great weekend...I can't seem to find time to blog when I have school 3 nights a week and all that homework..I only have 2 more weeks and can hardly wait to have the break. Great job on the 100% essay! Missing you!

Laurajean said...

Hey girl...LOVE the great Memorial Day photos...I so want to see the sand on your porch for the beach, too funny...guess I take granted that i have the beach minutes away :)
Gorgeous layouts and GUESS WHAT....About ONE month AWAY UNTIL we are roomies.....Woohoo ;) Too excited!!!!