Friday, February 13, 2009

a gift

last night I babysat my friend jenieces girls til' I went to my sleep study, then my girls took over....but as I was leaving...the youngest..comes up to me...and says in a whisper.."miss staci...(then she peeks behind her to see if Sommer is listening) ..miss staci will you take this to the grave yard and give it to Sommer's dad...and then she gave me the signal that it was a secret by giving me the she held her lil' finger to her mouth...and I think it was sweet that she was trying to not bring it up in front of sommer......So grabbed it up..and put it on the front seat of my car....until this morning...after getting home from the sleep study...I seen it sitting there...and peeked inside to find this...lil' treasurehow cute is this...?? there is something so beautiful about it....maybe it's because it came from such a sincere heart.... thanks Vannah!!
and speaking of sleep study...I was fitted for the mask and tried it out last I guess it's official...on the sleep apnea...but it wasn't too..bad..the machines and masks have changed alot even since Ed' it was pretty easy to sleep in...and I could still sleep on my stomach...but if I never have to be hooked up to all those wires again...that's okay!! My hair is full of all the goo..they use to stick the wires to your scalp..., and I still have the face marks from the a big giant circle in the middle of my I am looking might hot right now!! or as jeniece would say...a hot mess right now!! But I think I am going back to bed...'cause I am croppin' late tonight...from 6 til' 1am...and looking forward to it...'cause I've been trying to not touch my new supplies til' tonight......Well tomorrow is Valentines O'my how a holiday changes when you don't have a valentine.......Maybe sommer will be my valentine again this year..?? she might be to old to be her mom' valentine anymore...I think we have hit full force into boycraziness...age!!! seems to be the favorite subject here lately.....okay.I am gonna stop blabbering...and go to bed!!


Anonymous said...

Awww! I have to tell you, the other day when I was cleaning her room I tried to throw that feather away. She begged me not too, she said it was special! I hope Ed enjoys it! Have fun ccropping tonight...see you on Sunday.


Kip said...

Happy Valentine's day to you Stac!

Jana said...

This is incredibly awesome of her. Such sweetness!!

Happy Valentine's day, Staci!

BTW - I tagged you on my blog so check it out!

Carmen O. said...

Wow what a sweet gift and little girl! How touching that she was concerned about Sommer's feelings.

Have fun scrappin, can't wait to see the results!

Have a great weekend!

Babydoll said...

What a sweet gift!! Kids are so precious. :)

Anonymous said...


Did I ever tell you about the time we were visiting her Mamals grave? Vannah asked if she could sing Mamal a song. She began to sweetly sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" about the second verse in, she could not remember the words. She paused and then broke out wrapping "Pop Lock and Drop It" I almost wet myself laughing. The great part is, if Malmal were alive she would have loved it. I could just imagine her laughing out loud as her uppers came lose!


Susan said...

That is one of the sweetest gifts that I have ever heard about! Happy Valentines Day Staci...You are Very LOVED!

Silvitanova said...

What a sweet gift! Hope that you've had a great Valentines day yesterday!