Tuesday, February 24, 2009

24th weigh in at Great lakes weight and Wellness


Taniwha said...

Woo! 2lb off is great after last week's big loss. You go girl, and you are looking fantastic!

BTW, I found the 2lb. It came to me lol! I also lost 6lb last week but this week, 2lb on. I've just been pfaffing about on WW really, 1 good week, 7 bad weeks, 1 week I buckle down, 10 weeks I scoff everything in sight lol! So I'm planning to buckle down and get on the Wii every day and see if that gets the scales going in the right direction. I'll report in next Tuesday ;)

Susan said...

Hi Staci,

Thanks for letting me know what the doctor had to say. I have been thinking about you often. Congrats on that 2 pounds..I never shed big after a big loss the week before..every pound counts. You LOOK WONDERFUL! Your daughter is a doll..

Carmen O. said...

Yay Staci! Have a great week.