Friday, December 26, 2008

X-mas eve party

this was the first time in at least 10 years that the christmas eve party wasn't at our house, but it was kinda nice to just leave it up to someone else..and just hop in the car, and go hang at someone elses here is the family...heading out the door...(yes I am loving having a tri-pod)we all headed over my uncle's house...and alyssa ed never has any problem finding someone to pick her are her and Tonee' the oldest and youngest grandchildren
me and my brother.....and of course lil' mikey who was in such a mood!!!
my uncle, his girlfriend..and mom cooking in the kitchen.....but I think I busted my uncle sneaking some ham...busted!!!
even their puppy was feeling all festive in her christmas dress
and my kids....hamming it up for the camera...I know shocking!!! and of course their mystery "orb" in the left hand corner....hee,hee....??Destiny and Sommer were all laughs all night....I think they were giddy just thinking of christmas morning coming.....
plus after this party we were heading home to exchange gifts with mimi.......It was a fun party we did the gift exchange game....the one where you can steal somebody elses gift....I ended up getting some lotto tickets but only won 2 bucks!!!


Carmen O. said...

Looks like you had a great time. The kids are all so cute.

Liddy said...

So cool that you had some fun time, the photos are really cute. Love the dog all dressed up. LOL

Laura Solomon said...

1. The orb---> ya. HI ED :>)
2. 72 pounds? SO IMPRESSED.
3. Merry Christmas!

Patti H said...

enjoyed your christmas photos...but I see a cute Westie! Is he/she yours?