Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas eve after party

after my uncles party we headed back to my place to exchange gifts with my here Sommer is passing out presents making sure everybody has one before we start rippin' into them.....check out mom's cute pj's and slipper socks...she would kick my butt..hee,hee... in this pic I was trying to figure out who was more excited..Chris or Mikey??
Sommer and Destiny knew exactly what to do.......
and my sister in law Michelle looks like a bomb went off around her, but this is how your house should look after opening it!!!!
and I know my brother has had a rough year....but it made me feel good to see him so happy has he watched lil' mikey open his gifts...and seen how happy they made him........and that he could get down on the floor and play with his son..
and I think everybody got new pj's from mimi...
ahhhh...boring christmas photos doesn't get much better, ha,ha!!! Only about one more day of them, and then it will be out of my I think I am croppin' at Scrappy Chic on I might even have something scrappy to post soon....I need to get my scrap on...and God knows I've got some pics to scrap.

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Sandi Arnold said...

Lovin the family x-mas photos...and the pj one are the best! What time are you scrappin on Sunday, I might come up and shop!