Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Grandma's buying...

for the 2nd year in a row....instead of buying gifts my grandma takes the entire family out to dinner as her gift...So this year she invited Chris too..so here we are on our way to Flat Rock, Michigan...I think we had about 20 of us there...here is Chris,Tonee' and my dad and mom..
and me and Sommer...
down at the other end..was my brother and michelle and lil' mikey between them, and that's my uncle on the end...who is my age..
and of course mom here hamming it up for the camera...she has learned what you need to do, to make it in the scrapbook!! ha,ha..
and the minute alyssa ed showed up Sommer stole her away!!!
now my aunt is giving a speech...about the christmas eve party....that's grandma on the left and my mom on the right...don't they look excited??!!
need to post my youtube video....need to grocery shop, pick up a few last minute gifts, hit the gym...and teach Chris how to play Euchre by tomorrow night!!! ahhggg......

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