Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Great Lakes weight and wellness week 12 weigh in on optifast

I am so tired in this video...the working out is wiping me out..but it feels good in some weird way...can you see the clip it up behind me...is that weird to keep it on your couch?? ha,ha...and just so you know the empty cottage cheese container...is not mine...it's sommers...again..doesn't everybody keep cottage cheese containers on the couch!!! Off to get some decorations for our tree....trying to give it a simple look this year...will post some pics tomorrow....6 more pounds til' the wii fit...yahoo!!!


Carmen O. said...

WTG Staci! You are doing so well and should be proud of yourself for sticking with it. Keep up the awesome work.

Tami said...

pilates=difficult and that little black thing, yikes! i put it between my knees wheni do sit ups and things like that. it's hard. just start off a little at a time.

Anonymous said...

glad I found you too! I agree with Carmen, WTG! I need to start working out again. I notice im not in shape anymore I stopped about a year ago............

Anonymous said...

way to go - so proud of you!!!


i came across your blog while searching for a specific dcwv pattern.
i started off as a scrapbooker, but now make cards for retail.
i noticed that you were doing optifast.
in 2000 i weighed almost 300 lbs, and today, thanks to a healthy diet and working out i am down to 165 and have kept it off for 5 years!
i tried the optifast,pills, just about everything, but the only thing that really worked was diet and working out.
you'll get used to the working out, and soon you will feel like hell if you miss a session.
starting this weight loss is the hardest part of the whole thing. i congratulate you on your decision and wish you lots of luck.
don't get discouraged!
way to go!
brian kenny
p.s. i am also from michigan (birmingham)
small world, huh