Thursday, July 2, 2009

scrap shop therapy

been a little stressed lately with school....Anatomy is the hardest thing..ever!! and getting nervous about going to texas next today after the dentist...I did a little scrapbook shoppin' therapy...just wanted to pick up a few goodies to take to texas!! check out these cute those flowers..and the create tags!!and also got my hands on some of the new basic grey...and I don't know why...but I had to have that doggy paper....I will be using that...even if it ain't for a dog page!!
.......oops...sorry I was drooling over this new october afternoon!!! I have a weakness for anything travel...but add the touch of october afternoon...and I was practically humping it in the aisle!!

so then I came home with all that new paper...and did a layout on kraft!! how funny...but I did use some of the new doilie paper from basic grey!! super cute!! we had Destiny jade over's the first time we've seen her in a few months since my brother and her mom broke up....boy have we missed her!!

well I am packing up all my scrap stuff for Texas...I picked up some cute luggage...I will post a pic tomorrow, and I got some organizers for my stuff that should travel well.....Well hope everyone has a good fourth...Hard to believe that Alyssa E.d. will turn one tomorrow...gonna have a party here on saturday for her...Oh and I want to send a shout out to Katie....I love you too...ha,ha!!! and thanks for making me want to run home and scrap!!

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Carmen O. said...

Oooh what fun goodies! Such a fabulous LO too. If anyone can make something out of doggy paper and it wasn't for a doggy it'd be you. You are so very talented in that respect! Hope you have a wonderful 4th of July and a great time celebrating Alyssa's 1st birthday!!!