Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Awesome 4th of July!!

ended up being a great 4th!!! We were all decorated.....up!! and I even found this cute pinyata at the thrift store for $1!!
and the birthday girl!! she was in such a good mood...and I think she liked being the center of attention!!
we grilled some burgers and dogs...
sommer, alyssa and me..showing off our party hats!!
the kids had fun with the pinyata....I think I packed it too tight full of candy because no one could break it...finally tonee' just ripped it down...and tore the poor thing apart!!
My brother....with his kids after fighting for the candy...mikey's pockets were full!
then we had to switch the birthday party hats...which mimi and mikey are lookin' pretty cute in!
mikey found some 4th of july stickers and stuck it smack down on his bare stomach....Oh yeah..he came to regret when his dad had to rip it off later!
fireworks!! or Star wars!!
and the jello shots were a hit.....they were a little strong..!! but that may be why we had such a good time!!


Angie P said...

wow your looking AWESOME!!! ya'll all looking like it was a really fun time

~Sasha Farina~ said...

looks like a fun day! :) and damn, you look HOT!