Wednesday, July 8, 2009

found these pics on the camera...of Sommer...and boy oh boy did they bring back some memories of Tonee'....Hard to believe my baby is going to be a less than 2 weeks!! How in the world did this happen'.....and it's kinda scary...It was hard enough getting through Tonee's teen years....and that was having Ed by my side...Lord be gentle on me with this one....I'm on my own this time.....!!! So for a couple months I will have 2 teenagers...and wait that is 2 teenage daughters...that's got to be worth extra credit right there..ha,ha!!

So I have been packing...and packing...and trying to study..I have to take my anatomy test a day early cause I won't be there on friday...So I am feeling a little overwhelmed....but once I'm on that plane...I am leaving it all least for a couple days in texas!! Me and Sommer watched a movie last night...I think it was called the passengers? and of course...not knowing what it was really was about a plane crash...wouldn't recommend this movie...right before you fly for the first time..but truthfully it was an awesome movie!! me and sommer both cried like newborn babies!!
I still have to run around today after school and work...and pick up a few last minute things..but I think I'm pretty much ready....have been printing out pics...and then my printer started flashing it was getting low on ink.....I was like no you don't....I think I have printed enough pics for like 16 pages....and I know I would probably never do 16 pages...but being so far from home...I just would rather have to many than not enough....Well I gotta go..getting ready for school...peace out!!


Sandie said...

Oy. As the mother of a 16 year old son, teen years are just not fun sometimes. Thankfully, he's a good it's all good. But still LOTS of work and worry.

Sandi Arnold said...

Your doing a great job...and have a blast in TX! Just breath!

Babydoll said...

She's growing up!! Just look at her posing for those pictures. Too cute!! Good Luck on your test. :)