Saturday, March 21, 2009

a year in the life of an art journal "F"

here is my "f" for my abc art journal "free"

not to much going on here...going out to lunch with my uncles,grandma,aunt and red lobster..should be fun..and I know I can get something pretty healthy from there...thanks for all your comments and support...about so helps...because one minute I am confindent..."like yeah...I can do this" and the next I am looking for the phone number to call and cancel!!! We go monday night for that should get us even more excited.or more scared matters what mood we are in....but that means I will miss my first weigh in.....but after that it won't mess with the meetings...because school is earlier..but it will mean I won't be able to go to my grief group...and that breaks my heart..not only for the fact I think I still need it...but I love the ladies in my group...and I'm gonna miss them...but I guess I will have to look for a group that meets later in the afternoon or night!!! So excited for the yard sale tomorrow at scrappy chic!! and I'm officially packed and ready to go!!! and I think it's going to be hang out all day..during the stop in and say hi!!! I will be the one with the big smile on her face doing snow all the scrappy goodness!! it's like getting to snoop through everybody elses stash...and then buy it if you want!!! love it....


Taniwha said...

These garage sales sound such a great idea! I would LOVE to go to one! I always think at crops we should do like speed dating but call it speed snooping! So you sit in their spot, dig through their stash, the bell rings and you move on to the next spot! Other people's stuff is always way cooler looking than your own right?

Have a great day, can't wait to see what you buy!

Susan said...

I LOVE the art journal card!!

Anonymous said...

Remember school is not forever, when you graduate you can go back to your grief group. I organized and prices all my stuff for the yard sale today too. Now I am just waiting for the pick up confirmation?! Wish I could go and hang out too:(


Anonymous said...

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