Tuesday, March 3, 2009

25th week weight in at Great Lakes Weight and Wellness


Carmen O. said...

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME You really should be so proud of yourself! You go girl. woohoo!!

latte_grande said...

WOW!! Frikkin' fabulous, Staci! You GO, girl!
Love those non-scale victories...for me, this week I realized I could wear a pair of jeans I had set aside because I couldn't button them. Not only can I button them now, but I can sit down and still breathe, lol!
WTG on making those healthy choices, too. You've not only learned alot this past 26 weeks, but you've been teaching us a few things too! :)

Chris Nicholson said...

Congrats on your progress, Staci! I was distracted by the fact you had Intervention on in the background - I found myself trying to see who it was. Mike and I watch every episode of that show! :)