Monday, March 2, 2009


had a pretty quiet scrappin'!! but I did get to hang with jeniece at her church saturday night for a potluck/game night...was alot of fun..and then Chris turned 18 yesterday!! and we had to have a little party for him...just some sloppys..and cake !! but it was fun...hee,hee..Tonee' has my sense of humor...for sure!!
and these two had a little to much fun with the birthday balloons...(jeniece and comment) ha,ha!!
me and my girls.....just acting natural!! yeah...right
and we even had Destiny...stop over for a visit...we miss this girl!
and even managed to have mom get in a pic....remember I'm trying to fill that memory card....and Kip and!! love!! the ideas you suggested!! I wrote them down..and am gonna use them...I knew other scrappers would come up with something!!
I started to scrap a little last night, but then mom called to tell me saturday night live had some specials on.....and they were on at 7 & I could actually stay up that late!! sad....I hoping today..I will scrap something...I have weigh in hoping I did well there....'cause this week, I did visit applebee's, subway, a potluck dinner and a birthday party!! but I think I made pretty good choices at each we shall see!!


Carmen O. said...

Aww looks like you had a fantastic weekend! Great job filling up that camera card. Can't wait to see the LO's!

Nikki said...

Looks like you had a ball! Happy B-day Chris!

Angela said...

Staci, you are looking great! Especially in the last pic with your mum, you look so fresh faced and youthful!!