Saturday, December 1, 2007

I got this off of jenni's blog and it looked like here it goes....another one of those get to know each other question If you have the time try it out!!!

1. wrapping paper or gift bags? I am all about the wrapping on christmas morning when the living room is filled with ripped up wrapping it's just more fun to rip open a present..

2. real or artificial? okay first we are talking about christmas trees right?? I love the "real" grew up on the "real", my parents would always put the tree up the week of christmas....I hated that...and now we put our tree up in novemeber so we kinda have to have the artificial..

3.when do you put the tree up? try to wait till after thanksgiving, it's been up as early as november 15th.

4.when do you take the tree down? usually a couple days after christmas. you like egg nog? love it!!!

6.favorite gift recieved as a child? one year I got the roller skating barbie....and roller skating ken....I used to always get the barbie...but never the matching ken....and I still remember that....I was a big barbie fan!!! I think I played with them till I was 12!!

7.Do you have a nativity scene? yes a ceramic one from my grandmother

8.Hardest person to buy for? Mom....she never gives me any clues...tells me she just wants peace on earth...and stuff like that...."where do I get that?"

9. Easiest person to buy for? Sommer...I could shop for her all day...she's into all that fun stuff...

10.Worst christmas gift you ever recieved? hhmmmmm...cant' really think of one..maybe the one year I got a silverware set...if you know me you know I am not the domestic diva type.....

11.mail or email christmas cards? mail

12.favorite christmas movie- National lampoons chrismas vacation, (he so reminds me of Ed)

13. When do you start shopping for christmas? usually mid december or when I got the extra money...??

14.Have you ever recycled a christmas gift? Nope...

15.Favorite thing to eat at christmas? Ed's famous cheeseball

16.Clear lights or colored on the tree? usually clear, but we added a red string or 2!

17.Favorite Christmas song? Where are you christmas? faith hill

18. Travel at christmas or stay home? Stay home...the family christmas is at our house christmas eve...and then we just stay home in our pj.s christmas day.

19.Can you name all santas reindeer? hmmm probably not!! rudolph, dasher , dancer, prancer , vixen, jeniece, comet , cupid , donner , that it??

20.angel on the tree top or star? Star....

21. open presents on christmas eve or christmas morning? Exchange with family on christmas eve.....but kids have to wait for christmas morning!!

22. most annoying thing about this time of year...?? being broke!!

23.What do you love most about christmas? I just feel all gushy...inside this time of year...., love having the christmas eve party at our house,love watching my girls on christmas morning, love the christmas music, the's just my favorite time of the year.....

That was fun!!! Last night me and Sommer watched the polar express...such a beautiful christmas movie...., and only made me cry once.....that's pretty good!! Tonight we are heading out to the Ida Christmas Night Parade.....and we are gonna freeze our buns off ( I wish) we will be outside from about 4pm till around 9pm...and I hear we are probably gonna get a lil snow/rain mix.....brrr....need to get all bundled Well hope you all have a great weekend.........


Jenni said...

Fun list!!! Thanks for playing! By the way--loving your latest layouts here...I Adore your style!!!

Taniwha said...

Hey Staci, great list and I am still thinking about you guys and hoping you're ok (((HUGS)))

Over here in the UK you can buy presents from some of the charities and you get things like 'a bicycle for a vicar in a remote Indian village' or 'a goat for a village in Africa' and you get a certificate to give on Xmas day, saying what the gift was. Maybe that could be an idea to track down in the US for your Mum? Just an idea :)

MsGrace said...

This is a fun list!!

Paula Sealey said...

Hi Staci, thanks for visiting my blog:)

I LOVE your layouts, I've spent ages on your blog checking them all out.

And I've never tried eggnog, I keep saying I'm going to and never get round to it. I think it may be the thought of the raw egg, lol!

sjtowers said...

hee hee love the names of the "reindeer" hee crack me up!