Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas in Ida

Saturday we headed off to Ida...for the Christmas in Ida night parade....I have to admit I was not looking forward to the weather, but Sommer was really excited to go...cause they're having Drew Seely and KeKe palmer in concert there....and plus she brought a friendIt started to snow pretty heavy around 6pm....look at those red was so cold!!! JJ brought us over some hot chocolate and homemade chicken noodle some puppy chow..!! that was awesome....this is us waiting for the meet and greet so they could get autographs.....
Chelsea tried to take a pic of us...but it came out snow kept getting on the camera....
here are the girls getting autographs from Drew....he played Troy from high school musical on tour..and has a song in the cheetah girls movie?
and here sommer is getting her concert pass autographed by keke palmer, she has a song out on disney...and she was in that movie akeelah and the bee...she was really sweet...and the girls were so excited!!
notice I don't have any pics of the actual parade, cause once the parade started it started to rain with the we took off pretty quick...and it was a slick ride home. It made me think how normally ed would'nt be able to sleep until we were home on nights like this....that was the only hard part about the parade, is that it seemed that "everybody" was a couple...and tons of families....which makes you just realize that he's gone....but the girls had fun....and that made me happy...they stayed up late watching Hairspray for the hundreth time...and playing sims..!!
and I finished a page last night........always loved this paper..just wasn't sure what to do with it......but when I printed this pic of Tonee' last home...with my new printer..hee,hee!! it just seem to fit!


Charity S. said...

Beautiful Christmas memories!
Just love you new page!!

Anilu Magloire said...

How cool! I've always wanted to go to one of those parades. Hope you had fun with the girls.
The pages is gorgeous, as always, Staci!

Anonymous said...

Glad the girls and you didn't freeze too was so cold!! Great photo's can't wait to see them in a page! Rosey cheeks and all! Sandi