Friday, December 7, 2007

gingerbread house

Sommer was ready to make the gingerbread house the second she came through the door......she was so excited!! and I have to say it was good seeing her having so much fun!!!Tonee' even jumped in and helped....she put a couple pieces of candy on and then she was done........
and here is the final gingerbread house...she did great!! It's really starting to feel like christmas around here....Our house is the family christmas house every christmas eve...and I was'nt sure if I wanted to have the party this year without Ed, (mom says we're pretty boring without ED), but I've decided that I do want to have the party, I do want the house full of family, and everyone playing cards...eating food, the kids exchanging gifts.....I think if we just did nothing....we would end up regreting it....might as well be surounded by that loved much as me...
Okay...Landy "tried" to be cute in the basket like Gitta...but I don't think it worked.......I think they're telling me they want a cat bed???
and I finished another page...not to crazy about this one...just could'nt get it to feel right...but it's done....and that's okay!!
Can't believe its been 6 weeks, without Ed....I wonder if this is how I will keep track of time from now how many weeks...I haven't seen my Scrubby!!! Ed...miss you so much!


Anonymous said...

I love the gingerbread house..Sommer did a fabulous job...and Tonee's bored layout is too fun..l really like the color combo, orange is one of my fav colors! My cat loves to lay on the big floor pillow in front of the fireplace..he thinks it's his personal bed...your kittys are too'll always miss your scrubby, but I am glad to see you are having your family party! l...Sandra D

Janie said...

Hope you're doing okay! Thinking about you!

Jenn said...

I have been thinking about getting that gingerbread house for my boys! I may have to get it now. Sommer did a great job.
You have some great friends! Love how they take care of ya! Thinking of you and maybe we can get together with Nicole and crop sometime!

Benita said...

What a great gingerbread house! Love the layout as well as the cat in the basket....too cute!

I think about you everyday, Staci!


Anilu Magloire said...

How cool! I've always wanted to make a gingerbread house :) It came out beautiful.
I'm glad you're having the party at home. I'm sure Ed would have wanted it like that.

Andrea Amu said...

Staci, my heart goes out to you everytime I read about how much you are missing Ed. You are right, the concept of time is going to be very odd from now on. I do the same. It's hard not to!

I love the gingerbread house and your lo! Great work, both of you!

That is awesome that you are celebrating your Christmas at home with your family! I'm sure that's what Ed would've wanted you all to do, and believe me...he'll be right there at home with you all in spirit!

sjtowers said...

She did such a great job on the gingerbread house!!! I have been thinking about you...I am glad that you decided to be surrounded by family this Christmas!

Amanda Ann said...

Her gingerbread house is great!
I am very glad that you decided to go ahead and have the family party at your house. I am know it will be hard not having Ed there but what can make you feel better than watching your family have fun?
I still keep you all in my prayers!

Silvitanova said...

What a great tradition, that gingerbread house. What a good idea to be surrounded by family this year!
I love that page!