Monday, October 5, 2009

Donna Downey at Scrappy Chic

don't know if you've heard but THE Donna downey is going to be teaching at my lss Scrappy Chic... check out the info on their blog I am kinda bummed...I will be gone that reminds me the last time she came to town at another store, me and jeniece had paid for our tickets...months before....and then Ed surprised me with tickets to see Kathy griffin...who I also love!! and of course they were the same weekend.....he was so excited to have gotten these tickets without me knowing....there was no way I could'nt go to the one he bought!! I struggled with the time, but I know it was the right decision...and I had a blast!! but I always said she will be back...and she is...and of course I already have plans....Oh well!! Can't wait to hear all about her visit!! and I hope you all go get a spot before they sell out!! the mini books are gorgeous!!! Speaking of gorgeous...I ran across this 7 gypsies papers...I think it's called Barcelona!! yum....gorgeous polka dots and stripes in the most beautiful colors....I actually scrapbooked last night...been slowly working on a mini album....
so what else been going...not much, just trying to enjoy life, have fun.....did get a speeding ticket on saturday!! bad pumpkin!! I blame her....Okay weigh in tonight!! I know I haven't posted a video in a little bit so I will do that tonight good or bad news...ha,ha!!

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Sandi Arnold said...

Lori sent me the link after seeing this on your blog...I would love to take one of her classes's just the cost, I'll have to see?? Hoping!