Monday, September 21, 2009

Autumn issue of Somerset Memories

I got my copy of the autumn issue of the somerset memories, this is the first one of their big that they only do 2 a year...but it is huge...and packed full of tons of cool projects.....and they even have one of my layouts in there...this is mine on the top of the page......

so excited to be getting a week off of school....much needed...always gives us a boost when we go back, hard to believe and a little scary that we are half way done....but don't have much planned for the week, maybe take the girls to the apple orchard or something...they're getting so old....or maybe a movie night...a week from today...Tonee' turns 20 years old....still can't believe it!! Oh well gotta go...actually at work....and then I have weigh in tonight right after....wish me luck!!


Carmen O. said...

Hey as long as your girls want to go to the apple orchard why not go? Congrats on the pub I always like seeing your work pubbed! You are so very talented!!! Glad you have a break from school. It's always needed I think. Hope your week is wonderful!

.charity. said...

Yay!! A Pub!! I always love seeing you in there.
Keeping my fingers crossed for your weigh-in. You'll do great, no worries.
And boy 20! Can you hardly believe it??