Friday, August 28, 2009

things I always keep in my fridge


Tami said...

staci, you look so wonderful. i am so proud of you!!!!

Carmen O. said...

Congratulations Staci! You look fabulous. Thanks for sharing what's in your fridge and how you put things together. I'm definitely gonna look for that Garlic fish at Aldi's.

Angie P said... are doing SO GREAT!!! I am so happy and proud for you! I'm curious if you are now eating all regular food and such? Are you still doing any meal replacements? You are doing amazing. I'm still chugging away, 46lb gone...aways to go still, but I'm jealous your still having a weekly loss as big as 5lbs..CONGRATS!!!

Kathy Carr said...

Way to go Staci!!!

Allison Cope said...

Congrats Staci! You go girl!

Thanks for showing me all the cool things in your fridge. I wonder if those Green Giant veggie bags are here in Canada?

Take care of you!