Friday, October 24, 2008

Somerset Memories Toot !!

got an email from Somerset Memories this morning....asking for a layout...that I just love!! and was pretty excited since the last layout that they asked for was already this was the first one picked up without using scrapsubmit....which I miss horibly!! trying to get all my junk together for the weekend crop....but as usual I wait til' the last minute and then throw it all together.....but I did get my clip it up....filled up!! but I wonder if these things have a weight limit....'cause I am putting a hurting on this's full!!! and I know that transporting it is going to be a good time!! Oh well it will be nice to have everything right in front of me easy to grab......
and guess what I got out of seeing high school musical 3...her sister offered to take her...and they went to the midnight show!! So sommer just thought that was so cool!!!!


renee said...

1. congrats on the layout!
2. i NEED that clip it thing! bad.
3. we have to scrapbook soon. asap!

Gen said...

congrats! Ive been submitting for years but never get picked. i know i abviously need to get better but, do you have any tips? What is that scrapsubmit thing you were talking about??

Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats on another pub! You are on a roll! Next thing you know, you'll be getting paid to do this. Have fun this weekend!


Anonymous said...

big congrats!

hope you got lots done scrapping : )