Monday, April 28, 2008

look at Ranger.........

Ranger is the cutest puppy.....well maybe not a puppy!! but he almost made me...want a dog....(almost) I think the only dogs I like are old ones...who just lay around like this.....(and Miki I took a couple cute pics of him I am sending you in the mail) we got to miki's on friday...and after a quick run to the LSS and dinner...we were off and scrappin'
it was so much fun....we had drawings for cool prizes, you got more tickets for more pages......check out some of the goodies I scored!!!
and at our seats she made each of altered letter....can't wait to hang this on my wall!!
and then Carla bought me an "S" to alter....I am addicted to the "S"s right I made this over the weekend too...
and then I just got tagged from here it goes
1.Last music you listened to - sugarland-Stay (all time fav song)
2.Last thing you watched on TV -Americans next top model (on right now)
3.Last movie you saw -one missed call (scary)
4.Last book you read -90 minutes in heaven (still reading)
5.Last person you spoke to -Sommer
6.Last thing you ate -Cheerios
7.Last time you laughed -saturday night with the girls
8.Last place you visited -Bushs
9.Last website you visited - TallyScrapper
10.Last thing you scrapped/crafted - "gulp" page finished sunday
and I will tag Jeniece, Carla, Sandi,Allison,Erin & Stacey


Anonymous said...

Hi Staci,

I'm glad you had a good time! I can't wait to host another one. As for Ranger he is cute, but not always that calm. I LOVE the picture of him and "thanks" in advance for the pictures you are sending!

Take Care~

Kelley Popp said...

looks like you had a great time cropping with your peeps. that's what cropping is all about! I enjoy your cropping experinces.

Stacey said...

OHHHHH he is a cute dog!!! I am more of a cat person myself..hee hee I have 3! Looks like you totally scored at the crop!!!! woo hoo!!!!

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys had a great time!


Tracey said...

Just popping in to say " HI"
love the new layouts, its good to read you are doing ok.
take care

Mary said...

I love altered letters! Cool 'S' you altered!!