Wednesday, January 27, 2010

tuesday cha

Tuesday morning, Julie had already taken off to take one of her classes, so me and Chris were on our own at the bus stop!!
and this is something nobody would even think twice about!! but it was a big deal to me...if you notice the t-shirt I'm wearing it's a freebie shirt from SEI, and at the show there are some companies that give out shirts, and I've never been able to fit into them, sometimes you could get a 2x..but remember at my biggest I was pushing a 5-6x....well it felt good to wear this T-shirt,and it's a XL...insane to me sometimes, Chris had asked what size I wanted, and the old me wanted to say 2x just to be safe, but I said XL, then knew it was going to be too..small but it fit!! it felt great!!

studio calico booth!!! can't wait for their stamps to come out.....

so funny!! I walked past Heidi swapp like 3 times at the show trying not to be stalker-ish!! but finally tuesday, I was like forget it!! heidi can I get a picture with you!! and of course she was very sweet and said yeah...I love her!!!!

Well let's see what's going on.....well first I want to mention that tomorrow is the yard sale at scrappy chic you can go to the blog to find out info..I am so looking forward to it, not selling this time, but looking for some treasures for sure!!! Another thing is they're searching for a new design team, I won't be on the team any longer, and I am going to miss it..but looking forward to a new fresh group of ladies....and seeing their work in the store, but gonna miss seeing my family on the walls of the store, but am thankful for chris for letting me hang on a few years.....on her team!!! Okay only 2 more weeks of school...can't believe it!! and I did blood draw this past week...I drew 3 and got blood twice so not to bad!! wasn't easy , but wasn't as awful as I imagined, it's funny our entire class look like we all shoot up....!! poor tonee' I did both her arms and she did mine too....she got her externship too...I am so excited for her, more than myself, I want to see her be successful!!! Oh well off to work, then I have plans for dinner and a movie...hopefully!!! LOL


kimosabescraps said...

so great seeing the pics of everyone!!
Sounds like a great time!

Carmen O. said...

Tell Tonee' WTG!

Glad you enjoyed yourself in Cali!

Thanks for sharing photos.

prashant said...

Bring a small umbrella and a change of shoes!! Have fun!

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