Friday, August 21, 2009

it's been along time since I added a page to the art journal......and it's a little weird to be adding pages about "dating" yikes...who would've thought? so I finished 2 pages...I love the freedom of journal rules...this 2nd one has lots of hidden journaling....but years from now should be some interesting info...about my first date after 23 years!! good can crazy that was....

so excited that project runway started back up last night, and was fun hanging out with watch like we used to....even though my fav girl went home last night, not that I loved her work, but I like the ones that keep things interesting!! Well off to another anatomy test today..and it's a biggie!! Not much planned for the weekend....just hanging out!! maybe finish up a little more school shoppin' It's not all coming up at once...we shall see!!


happydays525 said...

Cool pages!!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

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