Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Somerset Memories April/May 2009

look what I got in the mail.......yesterday, my copy of the april/may issue of Somerset Memories. Kinda sad that I think this will be the last regular issue...the new one comes out in October and then there will only be 2 issues a year...but I bet it's going to be 2 big issues, I am really excited to see the new Somerset this falland make sure you check out page 21...'cause both of these are mine...Sommer was just glad she was in both!!!


Carmen O. said...

WTG Staci! I bet Sommer is excited, I'm sure I would be too, to be in a magazine especially at her age.

KateB/kat/kathy/ honey/sweetie/ babe/ Queen Kat...I answer to many names said...

I didn't know that-I love this mag! Will have to run to Joann's today and buy it! Will look for your work !

Sandi Arnold said...

Wow Congrats again you publishing Guru! I didn't know they were changing it to twice a year...it maybe the economy...they quit publishing my digital magizine...by creating keepsakes and sent me that one for the remainder of my subscription, I was bummed! I'll have to pick this issue up, the pages of Somer look great!