Thursday, April 9, 2009

30th weigh Great lakes weight and wellness


Carmen O. said...

Great job Staci! Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks. Take Care and have a fabulous Easter!

paloma1815 said...

you are very courageous! go, go, go! paloma1815

latte_grande said...

YAY for 124 pounds gone!! That's amazing, girl!
Wanted to share one of my favorite new foods with you...Johnsonville makes a yummy turkey braut that's only 120 calories. A regular hot dog is 170 calories! Another thing I like to do is cook a pound of lean ground beef with garlic, onions and green pepper then add a can of diced tomatoes and some seasonings (like Mrs. Dash). I let it simmer for a bit, then scoop up 1-cup portions into individual containers and refrigerate. Then when I'm ready for a meal, I just open a can of carrots, or beets, or green beans...add it to a portion of the meat mixture and heat it up. It's SO yummy!!
Hope you have a happy Easter! :)

Adventures in Style said...

I am SO Proud of you Pretty Lady!

Losing weight, going back to school, you are REALLY inspiring me.

Let me know when you have some free time. I will pamper ya a bit! Free salon service of your choice girlie!

Haircut, Manicure, Hair Color...let me know!