Monday, January 19, 2009

just for fun

did this page yesterday for the "just for fun" challenge over at tallyscrapper, all you had to do was take a couple goofy pics of yourself and scrap 'em....but it was actually fun to take some goofy pics... we watched the movie "mirrors" last was okay..was hoping it would be a little more scary...but oh..well...I am off to the gym..and then I've got to get caught up on dishes and laundry, not having hot water for a couple days...was tough!! but thankful it's back.....and then weigh in's tonight!! Yesterday when we picked up the movie, me and Sommer stopped at Olga's for lunch, and I always have my lil' calorie counter I can see..what the cal's are but Olgas wasn't in I kind of had to freehand it....So I of course skipped the curly fries, and snackers.....and just ordered an olgas...So I figured that the grilled chicken olga was a good choice, and it wasn't 670...but I found out I could've got the ham and cheese for about a 100 less....oh well weird..!!! but that lil' calorie counter book is a lifesaver...usually!!


Babydoll said...

Cute layout!! I love the silly pictures. Good luck at weigh in tonight. :)

Stacey said...

ohh that LO is sooo cute!! I love the pictures!!!

.charity.sorrells said...

Love those pix girl!