Saturday, February 2, 2008

Happy ground hog day

Today is not only groundhog day...but it's my brothers birthday...I have to admit this not my best!! I don't know if it's that I can't believe it's feb already, Eds birthday is wednesday, "stupid" valentines day is coming....all of the above....and I went to a funeral this week...that was alot harder for me than I tomorrow..the family is coming over for the super bowl....we usually celebrate my brother and Ed's birthday on superbowl sunday..together......I just need a fix!! Okay...I will feel better, and my gorgeous nephew is coming over tonight to stay the my brother can go out for his birthday.... so I did 2 pages for challenges over at TallyScrapper....

so I am off to "cough" cough" clean my house......but as i was blog hopping today....I came across this gorgeous scrap hutch...over on Erins blog she also has an inspiration tree.....which I love!!! so if you get a chance go check it out!!!


Anonymous said...

Cool, its my bday too! Always weird having it not only on a "holiday" but also near superbowl... always too much going on. Love your new pages and I hope you have a great day tomorrow!


Evelyn said...

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I love your layouts. I feel like mine are kind of ametuerish (sp?) but I haven't been doing this that long.

I comepletely understand how you feel about Ed's B-day, my sister's was on Monday. I can't tell you the pain goes away, but after 14 months, it has dulled a little. The firsts are always hard.

Hang in there, you seem to have a great support system.

Kelley Popp said...

I hope you have a the best time celebrating with your family. I know how hard this is for you. Keep on keeping on Staci!