Tuesday, February 26, 2008

every jot & tittle

check out these yummy tags...I picked up from a cute etsy store www.everyjotandtittle.etsy.com I just love 'em....I am drawn to anything with numbers lately
I got the scrap bug yesterday, and got 2 pages done, this first one has some pic's that I really wanted to scrap, but at first they were too..painful....these are pics of me on sweetest day when ed , surprised me with roses at a weekend crop I was at...and I have struggled with the pics...just because i can't stand how happy and clueless I am.....I have no clue that in 6 days...I will lose the love of my life, and that my life as I knew would never be the same, I'ts kinda like that brad paisley song "if I could write a letter to me".....oh I would just tell myself to go home and enjoy every minute I had left with him, snuggle on the couch.....rub his back a few extra times...couple hundred extra kisses....but I am glad that JJ was there to capture the memory..
and then I did this one for the challenge over on the "STW" blog....we had to use kristie bentley for inspiration....
the dentist went good today, they ended up just doing 2 fillings instead of the root canal...and I wasn't going to fight 'em on that one.......It's been a few hours and I still am talking like rocky balboa....but that just means that the pain shots are working!!! and that's fine with me.......go back again in about 2 weeks..for another filling...then..we will start the root canals....yay.... "aaaddddrrriiannnee"


Evelyn said...

I love your style of scrapbooking. Very cool. Don't beat yourself up about not knowing about Ed's passing . I feel on some level, we do know. He brought you flowers so you would have a good memory. My sister passed on Nov. 23rd. The last day I saw her was Sept. 16th. That day I did 2 things I NEVER did before. I took her picture and I told her I loved her when I left for home. I know she knew I loved her, but we weren't big on saying it. That day I did, and she just nodded, like I know. Now I know there was a reason for that. I hope this makes sense to you.
Have a blessed day.

Anonymous said...

hey girl! i emailed you!

i saw those etsy tags on ali's blog! etsy is amazing isn't it?

very cool.

hopefully see you tomorrow


Stacey said...

first of all....hee hee hee I would love to see you talking like Rocky!!! hee hee
So glad you didn't have to get the root canal! Your last 2 pages are amazing AS always!!!! Thinking about you girl!!!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job on capturing your feeling for Ed on the Sweetest Day page...and we all have wishes of going back to one we love and loving them more! Glad to hear the dentist appt went well and loved the Rocky referance..lol!
hoping to see you soon, Sandi

Melissa said...

Aww...I love the layout, and my heart breaks for you... I can't imagine. **hugs**

The "adriennneee" at the end made me literally laugh out loud. It was a big ole bust out of my mouth laugh. I needed that today so thanks!!

ALLY said...

Brrrrr!!! Beautiful photos! Great new pages Staci! Glad all went well at the dentist!