Friday, February 29, 2008

back on the team......

I am so excited to be back on the Scrappy Chic Design team, and I can't wait to meet the new week!!! When I went over erins the other day she gave me this kitchen floor samplee pieces.....and she was going to make a mini I gave it a shot's kinda simple...but here it is..

I was thinkin of giving it to my sister in law........
Yesterday I had a weird experience....was a the walmart...and this woman comes up to me with this music cd in her hand, and asks if I listen to christina aguilara ? and I said sometimes....she asks if I've heard of this song,which she starts to sing some of the words, cause she didn't know the title...and as soon as she started...I knew right away the song....I told her oh..yeah..I know that one it's a tear jearker one....I said I just lost my husband, and this is one of those songs that get you crying, well she looks at me and starts crying!!!! she tells me that she just lost her husband nov!! then she says he just went to work and never came home!!! I was like...."mine too"........I felt awful...cause I felt her pain, she was not in a good place...then she says "can I give you a hug?" she was the sweetest why did'nt I give her my phone number or email....or invite her to my support's kinda driving me crazy....I mean what are the chances that she picked ask this question , in a store full of people....I just wish I wouldn't of passed up a chance to connect with her....or reach out to her....but I will keep her in my prayers.....and will be ready next time......just thought it was a little weird..


Benita said...

Congrats on being on the ScrappyChic design team again! I was going to apply, but never got around to it.....ah well, maybe next year.

Wow, what an awesome story! It's like God had sent her to you & you to her! {{{hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! I'm so excited that you're back on the SC design team!!! I was so bummed to hear that you weren't going to re-apply, but I'm SO glad you're back! =)

LOVE that book too!


Carla said...

I love the mini book!!!!! You little vixen you, i'm so happy that you are back on the design team!!!!

What song was she talking about? Maybe I should get it for my mom?


Stacey said...

wow that is amazing that that happened to what are the odds of running into someone like that?? wow..
Totally LOVE your mini album...what a fantastic idea! wow so creative!!
congrats on the design team!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Staci,
Congrats on the design team! I am on it to and I am looking forward to meeting you and the other ladies next week. Can't tell you how thrilled I am about it! Your work is beautiful and I've long admired it at Scrappy Chic and 2peas.My favorite is the LO with the little owl looking over the newborn baby. Oh, be still my beating heart:)
This is my first time on a dt and I'm super excited to meet everyone and be inspired!
See you next week, Kim

Anonymous said...

Hi Staci,
Congrats on the design team! I am on it to and am so looking forward to meeting everyone next week.Your work is beautiful and I've long admired it at Scrappy Chic abd 2peas. My favorite is the LO with the little owl looking over the newborn baby. Oh, be still my beating heart:)
This is my first dt and I can't wait to meet everyone and be inspired!
See you next week, Kim

renee said...

staci, that is the strangest story ever!!! very very wierd! it's a sign, i know it!

ALLY said...

What a cute mini book idea Staci! Congrats on being back on the DT!!!

What a weird coincidence... must have been fate!

Anonymous said...

Hey! NIce BOOK! You totally one upped me! Mine is sitting on my desk looking at me....all empty.....and boring......haha! Nice work!

Don't worry about not giving your info to the lady at the store. I think you did just what you were supposed to do. Maybe God just needed you for that moment in that lady's life.

Renee came to the store today. She wants to get together to scrap on a Sunday. Can you?
At my apt? It's in the middle of you guys- you both live at the opposite ends of the earth!


Anonymous said...

Love your mini book - your stuff is always amazing!

Maybe you will run into that lady at Wal-Mart again? You never know....(((hugs)))

Congrats on the DT position - I am also on the new team - can't wait to meet you!

Melissa said...

Congrats! I was bummed too when you said you weren't re-applying.

And that is weird... you'll probably run into one another again..

hospicequilter said...

Staci, I have been reading about you and your blog since last week when I bought the Somerset magazine and saw your name, that you are from Carleton. I then got curious and looked at your blog, because I, too, live in Carleton. I stopped at the Scrappy Chic store last week after seeing your layouts in the Somerset, and saw all your lovely pages. Very inspiring. Anyway, I am a social worker for hospice and was so saddened about your husband's death. I was so excited about 'discovering you' and then to hear of your loss. I don't even know you but I cried. I see that you are getting through lots of all of the 'firsts' and that you are going to a support group. That is good. Congrats on the ScrappyChic design team, that must be really fun. I am a novice at the scrapbooking stuff, still trying to discover and explore my style. I am a 'recovering quilter' turned scrapbooker and doing a lot of heritage album stuff and altered books using fabrics and sewing on paper and yarns and stuff. Anyway, maybe I can meet you some time. I live on the 'other' side of Carleton, closer to Newport. Best wishes to you! J.

Kelley said...

Congrats Staci on making the SC team again-you should have tried out for my team-hint! Seriously you are such a gifted scrapper-your pages tell such a great story.

I have serious chills about your encounter. truly I believe that our loves ones who have gone before are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

This mini book is AWESOME! How clever to use those materials.

And you DID reach out and connect with the woman. Look how you're still thinking about her to write about her here, so she was probably still thinking about you too. I just discovered your blog and I'm enjoying going through your previous posts and seeing all your awesome layouts (Love your style), but so sorry to hear about your hubby. Hang in there.