Saturday, June 6, 2009 birthday turned out to be the best birthday ever!! I think it is officially going down in the books as the best!!
Completely was surprised!! tricked!!! Even got the jump up scream surprise when I walked in.....and we will just say that the entertainment was "Pure Romance" much fun!!! And so many of my friends...some I haven't seen in ages!! thank you all ...who came out to help me celebrate!!! I will never forget it.....some of the images...I might want to......ha,ha!! lots of food, laughing.....presents (thanks!!) and a bonfire to boot!! I have the best the world...I don't know how I got so blessed!!! but I am.....we didn't really take pics...but there is one on the way...from jeniece...of some pics of my boobie cupcakes!! it's hot!! will post as soon as she sends it!!

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