Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Oh..No she did'nt!!

Sommer comes up to me sunday night...and says "mom I have a confession" .....I'm thinkin' ..........yikes!! She was wearing a headband....and she whips it off to reveal...that half of her bangs are gone!!! At 11 years old...she went and cut her own hair!! when she was 2 she did this and cut the bangs up to the scalp.....all of them gone...plus the sides too...she had a mullet for a year.....ha,ha,!! I guess the fact that I went to beauty school comes in handy at moments like this.....so I trimmed 'em up the best I could.....and tried to act mad, but I would'nt tell her this but she did a pretty good job...she just did'nt finish....and it's only hair.......
these next couple of pictures could cause you to want to go shopping!! Okay and just to say, I don't usually buy this much..but I am going on a weekend retreat next month....and the scrubby!! said I could go shopping and stock up on some supplies...love him!!!!! he even went with me!!

can you tell that I attacted the thickers!! love those vinyl ones and such cool colors!! and the new gaffer tape from 7 gypsies....so unique!!!

and I found somemore tape.....I blame that one on jeniece and renee....they both have an awesome tape collection!!!

I am also hooked on those 7 gypsies stickers, and some new rusty pickle alphas.....and my first martha pen!!
But I think I am pretty stocked up on supplies now!!!

and I could'nt resist getting these martha tabs with the months,days and numbers on them...plus they're self adhesive.......that's always a plus!!
This next picture is awful...but I could'nt resist it either!! I have 2 layouts published in this book "doodling for papercrafters" and it's been out since june...and I haven't got my free copy yet...supposed to be this week or next week....so i have been impatiently dying to have a peek!! and look what I came across on the shelf while shoppin', so I finally got to flip through it and take a peek at my layouts........the book looks awesome!! Why I had to take a picture who knows......I think its just weird to me that I am in there....I felt like a weirdo trying to sneak my camera out of my purse...to take a pic!! and to top it off .....the babies book was right next to it~!!! So Cool!!!


JmeLea said...

Those new goodies are delicious! What a sweet scrubby. And now I'll have to check out those vinyl thickers... can never get enough thickers!

Enjoy your retreat!

Gen said...

Dang girl! lol. Luvin all those goodies!!! Thats so cool that your published in that doodles book...im gonna try and find it next trip to the scrap store;) Have fun on your retreat!!! *HUGZ* ~gen

renee said...

I am so jealous of your new stuff!! I want it all! I just asked Adam if he'd take me scrapbook shopping tomorrow and he laughed at me...i guess that's a no.

Anonymous said...

Wowza you and the scubby did some major shoppin'! I wish I could go with you on the retreat :( I hope you don't have any fun with out me!


Mary said...

Holy cow! Can you just ship the entire store down here for me??? PLEASE?!?!!