Monday, September 10, 2007

check out my new header!!

First I want to thank Mary (scrappineli) for offering to design my header....which is awesome because I don't have a to do it!! I think she did an amazing job.....and she got my green too.... I also got 2 pages done....but this is what happens when you feel like scrappin' but your mojo is missing....even my scrubby walked by and said and I quote " wow I am not feeling that!" ouch....but I post them all here...the good the bad and the ugly...ha,ha!!

And I think Tonee's love of self portraits is rubbing off on sommer, she brought my camera to me tonight...and told me she took some pics....check them out...not to shabby...I think they're just a product of a scrapbooking mom!!

Okay this pic is a warning...!! don't be alarmed by the bright yellow hair, I went a little heavy on the bleach......and it turned into a nice "porn star" yellow...(not that I have ever seen a porn!! I am just guessing....*wink*) but it should chill out a shade or two soon....or I may have to buy a color to put over it!!

well need to get my rear end to bed.......can't wait to go over sandi's on friday..and crop!! will be fun....and I hope to see some of the peeps there.......


Anonymous said...'s very blond! Glad I leave a message! Thanks for working with me on this! Sandi

Mary said...

The header looks great Staci!! I'm glad you were able to get it up :D
Well forget what Scrubby says, I like your layouts!lol

Carla said...

I love the pictures that Sommer took they are great!!!

WOW your hair is blond... But you still look good!!! :)

Love that you put the count down for the scrap - retreat on your blog!!!


Gen said...

Thanks for your sweet comment♥ Your new layouts ROCK as well. lol. Lovin that 6x12 "blur" one. That obscure paper is awesome!!! ~gen