Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Braces off

the braces are off......thought I would post my before and after pic....really happy with how they turned out!!!

mom is over for thanksgiving.....gonna cook up a feast tomorrow!! plus will catch me at the gym....kinda an anniversary thing for me....since I was there last thanksgiving.....but sorry the blog has been abandonded..not sure if anyone still comes around...and I am actually scrappin all day hoping to be hit with a bunch of scrap mojo....or at least remember how it!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

cute back side

...Okay by cute back side...I mean..why does it always seem the cuter design is usually on the backside of the paper, came across this reminisce paper at Scrappy chic...and on one side is all these animals..which is fine..if that's what you're looking for...but when I happened to flip them over I found these magical designs...first the wood grain, the green and red gingham...and look at the brown polka dot...and the awesome color stripe!! so glad I flipped them..and looking forward to scrappin' them with the peeps...we are all getting together at erins new place....will be fun to have the gang back together for an old days crop!! also feel for these new october afternoon rubons and stickers!! yum..and colors go with my new papers!!!

Everything is okay over here, just started 2 new classes at school..that are already tough...having to study everyday after school to keep up...dang..I'm tired..!! OH YEAH.. and incase you haven't heard christmas is next month!!! how did that happen...." ? seriously!!