Saturday, February 28, 2009

hit scrappy chic last night

Okay so I was weak...and had to go snoop at all the new goodies at Scrappy chic last night after I dropped sommer off....I am in love with the rubons from the pink paislee!! and the papers are gorgeous!! I also snagged a pack of the tangerine days of the week journaling spots out of the clearance area!! come on those are Vintage scrappiness...that never get old....and also got some tiny foam thickers.... alos got a couple sheets of some new sassafraslas...and a couple sheets from a new company called scrap within reach...the top the blue with the touches of mustard.....yum!!!

really want to fill my camera with inspiring pics for my weekend crop....which is still 2 weeks away....but last night I actually started a list of pics I need to

a pile of all sommers sims games
my scale
fav parts of my home
sommers bookbag
my bare essentials..(addicted)
my dead plants
nintendo ds
my monday meetings

I don't know just looking for some everyday....things to scrap...any suggestions???
well don't know what today holds....but I don't plan on staying home all we shall see.....what off to warm up my left over veggie delight sub from subway....good breakfast!!!???maybe not....

Friday, February 27, 2009

well there she is.....I got my machine last night...and it wasn't that bad...besides the beautiful face marks that were left..on my face..from this beauty!! come on...doesn't it kinda look like a jock strap!!?? and if you thought I was gonna post a pic of myself in the mask...not gonna happen..there ain't nothing!! NOTHING!! cute about that!! but I am willing to use it if it's gonna help I found out my setting is only on 6 which isn't too...bad....
I needed to get another page done for the design team at scrappy I got to play with some more penny lane...and those thickers!! did this one about my pandora bracelet!! which by the way 4 more pounds til' I get another charm......

and speaking of scrappy chic...did you see on their blog that they got the new pink paislee in....I think I am going to have to make a side trip...before I drop sommer off at my moms!! I mean I need to stock up for my weekend crop!! right...that's a good enough excuse...right??
oh and want to thank lori and sandi....for getting me to my goal!! for the heart walk....starting to think I should've set a higher goal!!! just kidding...and thank you so everyone!! I will try and make you proud...and not pass out half way through...ha,ha!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Landy poo-poo

caught landy sitting in the high chair....ever have one of those pets that actually thinks that it is human...?? that's landy...probably doesn't help that sommer treats her like she's a baby....this is her cat for sure.... did a simple page last of my fav. new songs is by Natasha's called's so beautiful..and that's where the title came from.....I really need to start taking more pics...I've got a weekend crop coming up....and I want to have some good pics...maybe I should ask the girls to fill up a memory card!!
Oh..and thanks Susan...for donating to the heart walk....bring me only $25 dollars away from my goal....I think everybody in my group is really geeked about the feels good to raise money for such a great cause.....and your doing something for yourself too...Last night was my last sleep without my sleep apnea gets delievered today....yeah..then me and sommer are off to babysit the tackett kids!! and my mom called and wants to keep sommer this weekend.....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

starting to see

Sommer took my feb picture for my weight loss mini book....and for the first time I really seen the loss.....

and other people are finally starting to notice too..I remember I read somewhere that if you're larger, it takes about 100 pounds until people start noticing that you're I like the baggy clothes...which hides what you're doing too...but when I look at this picture, I see's funny I noticed that even my necklace seemed longer probably because my neck is feels good!! I went shopping yesterday with my friend miki....she has a fashion bug going out of business in her area, and they had some "amazing" deals...!! and before I went I decided to try on my size 22 jeans...I've been saving...and they fit easy...could this actually be happening?? could I even be in a size 18 someday!! can't imagine.....I realize that I still have size issues...with shirts that I think are going to be to small and then they fit...I guess you still see yourself the way you were....and then the fear of gaining it back...trys to sneak in too...'cause I know it happens...but I don't feel deprived...and I know there is no magical...cured date!! Oh well enough "weight"!!! Tomorrow my sleep apnea mask is getting delivered...the guy on the phone said I sounded really excited about it!! thought that was funny....I guess I am not looking at it as a bad thing , but as a good thing "for now" that is going to and I look forward to feeling better....Okay I have to run to the gym.....but I really need to scrap!! but I also need to get my pretend house ready for the sleep apnea guy........ Oh and Miss Ali!!!! thanks for the donation......!!!!!!! and I love who you dedicated your donation to....who is this hot talk about??? ha,ha!! thanks girl....I can't believe I am only $50 bucks away from reaching my goal....thanks to you all....

Monday, February 23, 2009

so sad.....

where we live....people seem to drop off strays alot....which pisses me off...and 2 of my 3 were former strays....but we had one show up saturday.....during the snow he curled up on my wicker couch on my front porch, we tried to feed him (which I know you're not supposed to do) but it was snowing...and he was could we not??? So last night around 8pm...I hear crying at my front door....and he is laying directly in front of my door obviously close to broke my I put my coat on and stayed out there with him...til' he died....which wasn't til' about 9:30..but I couldn't stand for him to be alone...I know he was "just" an animal...but it's just not right...I covered him up, and will have my brother bury him today..I don't know why he picked our front door to go to...Sommer says it's because he knew we wouldn't sheeewww him away..cute!! I just don't like to see anything suffer........So after I came in to my "former" strays...and reminded them of how good they've got it.... I did a page in my art journal yesterday....used my ekg print the background...and did all my journaling about it...on the back..

plus....Look what you did!!!! you guys have already got me half way to my goal....for raising money for the heart walk!!!!!!!!! I am so shocked!! want to send out a thanks to Rachel M......and Jenny M!!! you guys rock...and when I seen that you added "in honor of ed" it made me it!!! thank you...thank you....

Tonight is weigh in....and I don't expect much after having a 6 pound last week....but am hoping for at least a loss!! that's not much to ask for....hee,hee!! Today me and Tonee' are going out and hitting a bunch of pharmacys she's a little nervous.....getting out there for the first I told her I would go with her.....Oh I am so hoping she gets a job...soon!! I know it's a hard time to be job hunting...but there are so many pharmacys....hoping if we hit enough of them..somebody has to need someone out there>>>

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am so excited that I got my first donation for the Heart walk (thanks Sarah N) I was jumping around...telling Sommer...somebody donated!! somebody donated!!! just makes me more excited for the walk...!!! kind of a boring weekend...was disappointed with the snowfall....that wasn't nothing.....I thought we were gonna get snowed in...I did hit the gym..yesterday..and did a little scrappin'...but besides that just kinda sat around all day....did this page of gitta maria...just 'cause he was sitting on the table looking I snapped his pic...I think he liked it!!! I think today is going to be a similiar day.......anybody else addicted to the facebook??

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm walking.....

decided to join some of my friends from Great Lakes weight and wellness...and walk for the American Heart Association's! Heart Walk. So I hope you will check out my donation page, and help me raise money I guess we are all gonna have matching tshirts too...I'm really excited!! I think it's a 3 mile walk.....there is a run too..but not ready for that one....well I did do a little scrappin' today....of my neice..she's teething and the other day..she was just over here sucking on her cute lips.....
Hit the gym this morning, hoping to get snowed in for the rest of the weekend...but it doesn't look like we're getting as much snow as I hoped!! but we shall see....

Friday, February 20, 2009

just wanted to pop in real I am enjoying having the house to myself...for the minute!! but I went to the cardio guy today...and had an ekg done, blood drawn (wants to check my thyroid) and he thinks that I may just have a slow beating heart, but he scheduled a stress test to make sure that it can get going when it needs to...he didn't seem to worried, which made me not feel worried....So I feel pretty good!! My bloodpressure was really good today which was nice, but my resting heartbeat...was only 52...was kinda shocked!! but then today I hit the gym....and I got that baby up to 155...not to shabby!! so thanks for your thoughts....I really felt a sense of peace when I got there....I think it's going to be okay!!!
looking forward to watching this new reality show called "jockeys", and then a new 20/20.....that would mean staying up til' 11pm...we shall see!!
Oh yeah..yesterday I got a phone call from one of ed's friends....Ron...just calling to check up on did that feel good!!! Sometimes think people have forgotten....about him..about us...

abc art journal "D" decide

our word for the letter "d" is decide..for the abc art journal... and i did my card about me trying to decide what I am going to do..job wise...for the some info about a medical office assistant..?? I don't know I have no clue...
I also did a little scrappin'
did this one for a challenge over at tallyscrapper....yeah..I know that's a hole lotta polka dots!!! I finally cleaned out my closet of the jeans that don't felt good to try each and everyone on , and just amazed at how big they were on me.......I sometimes forget how much my body has changed until....I see an old pic or try on a pair of jeans that used to be to tight..and now I can't keep up!! but I plan on keeping one pair to remind me....
well I am off to the cardioligist this morning.....yep, I ain't gonna lie..I'm scared!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

23rd week weigh in at Great lakes weight and wellness

oops held the balloons up backwards!! hey they looked right on my end....ha,ha!!!

104 pounds less of me.....

well first I want to say that I have been trying to upload my video for 2 days!!! ugghhhh...I hate dial up...but in the country you don't get much choice!! So I couldn't wait anymore....even though I am still trying to upload it!!! I did it!! I did it!!! I did it!!! I was so nervous all day monday......but when i stepped on that scale!! and I seen 296..(yes I am excited to weigh 296) I was so happy!! I lost 6 pounds bringing my total loss to 104 pounds !!!! and this is the first time I have weighed 200-anything since 1994 or it's been awhile!!! and of course the entire gang was waiting for the thumbs up!! and check this out they had cards waiting for me....and these balloons with 100!! which I nephew came over last night...and I told sommer hurry I want to hide my 100 balloons!!! there's just something encouraging looking down at that number!!! and know that I am carrying around that much less......
and then look at these napkins that say celebrate 100!!! oh yeah..these are so going to end up on something scrap related!!! I have the most awesome group.....I know I say that all the time..but it's because it's true..and just proves that it is more than just changing your eating, you need support....too..
and I know I have mentioned before that I wanted to get a heart with 100 engraved on kinda celebrate this moment...and as soon as I stepped off the scale...Terri handed me this box!!!! which as you can tell I ripped open!!!

and look what her and her hubby (mike) did!! they've both been in the group about the same time as me!!! They got my heart..and even had it engraved!!! SHUT UP!! couldn't believe it....and it chokes me up , even now....just means alot to me....just knowing how much it meant to reach this goal, and then to have it given to you by friends, that have been there each step of the way....and know exactly how hard it is...I felt the love monday night....I honestly feel like they were just as excited as I was!!
on another note...I got some of my results back from my sleep study...and although they tell me it's nothing to get freaked out about, they do want me to see a cardiologist...which I am on friday!!! So I ain't gonna freaked me out....I just can't have anything wrong with my heart...I mean come on...I had so much trouble going to sleep monday night....kept thinking ...what if I don't wake up, and what that would do to my girls.....but through friends.. I know that it's probably nothing, and I am going to wait and see what the doctor says, but when you have been through what I's scary to even have it brought to your I will keep you posted and hopefully will have a video to post soon too....

Monday, February 16, 2009

okay 2 days of croppin' and only 2 layouts to show for it...!! yikes...but still had fun hanging out...this first one of Tonee' I did friday night....she has gone blonde!!! and this one of Sommer I did at scrappy chic yesterday....picked up those new ali edwards "the story" stamps...lovin' those!! (thanks renee for pointing those out to me) so both of these are for the design team...
tonight is weigh in....and I have never been so nervous for a weigh in!!! I just want to reach that 100 pound loss!! and it's only 2 pounds...away!!! but I have done what I am supposed to, but I did last week too...and didn't lose....but I feel like it's going to happen tonight!! if could catch me at a taco bell drive thru tonight!!! ha,ha...just to the dentist today too...getting a cleaning and braces check up.....yeah..

Sunday, February 15, 2009


So I was tagged by Jana and it sounded like an interesting one so here are
The Rules:Go to your Picture Folder on your computer or wherever you store your pictures.
1. Pick the 6th Folder, then select the the 6th picture in that folder.
2. Post that picture on your blog and the story that goes along with the picture.
3. Tag 6 other people that you know or don’t know to do the same thing and leave a comment on their blog or an e-mail letting them know you chose them was kinda shocked at what picture it was....but I checked the date and it was taken june 23rd.2008 I had just left the funeral home where the held a balloon release, I remember I was by myself because the girls decided not to go with me, I remember just plopping down on the grass...and just sitting there looking at everything...just wanting to be close to him, this picture also reminds me of how patchy his grass was...I wanted it to grow better....not that it matters?? weird....but I've already been thinking of sneaking some grass seed in...this spring!!hee,hee...

so now I need to tag some people....







Okay I am off to the gym (weigh in tomorrow....I want to lose that dang 2 pounds, to reach my 100 loss goal) so I figured I better hit the gym....and then I am off to crop at Scrappy chic all day........I only got one page done friday night at the other crop, hope I have better luck today!!! will post the one i did friday tomorrow!! Hope everyone had a Happy Valentines day..was just another day over here.....

Friday, February 13, 2009

a gift

last night I babysat my friend jenieces girls til' I went to my sleep study, then my girls took over....but as I was leaving...the youngest..comes up to me...and says in a whisper.."miss staci...(then she peeks behind her to see if Sommer is listening) ..miss staci will you take this to the grave yard and give it to Sommer's dad...and then she gave me the signal that it was a secret by giving me the she held her lil' finger to her mouth...and I think it was sweet that she was trying to not bring it up in front of sommer......So grabbed it up..and put it on the front seat of my car....until this morning...after getting home from the sleep study...I seen it sitting there...and peeked inside to find this...lil' treasurehow cute is this...?? there is something so beautiful about it....maybe it's because it came from such a sincere heart.... thanks Vannah!!
and speaking of sleep study...I was fitted for the mask and tried it out last I guess it's official...on the sleep apnea...but it wasn't too..bad..the machines and masks have changed alot even since Ed' it was pretty easy to sleep in...and I could still sleep on my stomach...but if I never have to be hooked up to all those wires again...that's okay!! My hair is full of all the goo..they use to stick the wires to your scalp..., and I still have the face marks from the a big giant circle in the middle of my I am looking might hot right now!! or as jeniece would say...a hot mess right now!! But I think I am going back to bed...'cause I am croppin' late tonight...from 6 til' 1am...and looking forward to it...'cause I've been trying to not touch my new supplies til' tonight......Well tomorrow is Valentines O'my how a holiday changes when you don't have a valentine.......Maybe sommer will be my valentine again this year..?? she might be to old to be her mom' valentine anymore...I think we have hit full force into boycraziness...age!!! seems to be the favorite subject here lately.....okay.I am gonna stop blabbering...and go to bed!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


look at all this thicker goodness!! as you can tell I am in love with this new font "patchwork" and they're fabric..and super sticky...and check out the yellow ones in "typo"
and this is some of the penny lane from my minds eye....and Scrappy Chic is also carrying the Elle's studio....line!!! check out those tags for journaling!! and I was lucky enough to get alot of this in my DT kit!!!

and here is my yummy goodness from doing the abc-swap with renee....she has the coolest stuff!!!
looking forward to croppin' with jj tomorrow..and touching and feeling all these cool supplies!!! Okay gotta go...doing another sleep study tonight!! yippee......

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


so excited!! just seen that I won the challenge over at OLW "one little word" yeah..!!! they always have such cool challenges up over there...and I know they have a new one should check it out!! Yesterday was so much fun....actually stayed at Scrappy Chic from 10am til about 8:30pm....and yes only did 3 layouts..but it was just fun hanging in the store, meeting some people (by the way I met this woman named linda...who if she reads this..I don't think you realize how important our talk was.....and I thank you, you honestly had a huge impact on me..and thanks for sharing) I also got to have 0ur first DT meeting....the team is really awesome..and everybody is so excited to get started.....then I got to crop with renee...whom was on the first scrappy chic back in the day....and I'm so glad we became friends...check out all of our crap....I think we took enough room for like 4 croppers!! she whipped out the cutest mini book!! just full of transperancys,and different size pages!!! and rockin' colors...I am hopin' she posts it on her blog when she finishes it!!! We also did a "abc" we both showed up with goodie bags for each other full of something from each letter of the alpha!!! such a blast...I will post pics of my goodies tomorrow....Oh and post some of the new stuff I picked up from scrappy chic too....let's just say there are some new thickers....and I think I am in love!!!!!! plus the new penny lane line from my minds eye....ugghhh!!
here are the 3 pages I finished...wanted to do one of my tat's all on one page!! this is some new basic this blue!! and are you lovin' those new thickers...the color rocks and the font!!!!
and this one is from a photo booth strip that I came across of my that the last pic she is flippin' off the camera...Oh wait I think that's a double flip off!!
and then one of me and Jeniece...when she stopped over on thanksgiving...with pumpkin dip in hand!!!
well....I guess I have to go to the gym...if I actually want to lose weight this week!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

broke the CK barrier

was running around with sommer last night....when I seen this lil' beauty peeking out at the magazine isle!! My heart starts pumping...could this be...the issue..I'm supposed to be in??? I very nerdly-ish...double check the month...and start quickly flipping through...NOTHING!! oh...God my heart sinks...they must of cut me...I know it happens...I thought my first time getting in CK and I was cut!! Well I decide to flip through one more time.....slowly this time..... and there I the bottom..., completely missed it the first time...I'm sorry I'm such a nerd...but my kids don't get family don't get it...but scrapbookers get it...after about 2.5 years of submitting to them....I finally got a page in there...and I am pretty geeked!! So I guess I can stop if you're out and about make sure you check out page 98 of the march 2009 issue

Saturday, February 7, 2009

we are all so moody.....

ewww...we are some hateful...ladies over here this morning..had the neices and nephew over night....and we are beat...even Sommer...who can usually take alot with the kids....she's little bit nippy..this morning..but the baby kept us all up late...but at least we shared, between sommer, me and Tonee'.....but we are looking forward to getting our quiet house back.....supposed to pick them up around noon...and then I think the Compher's will be napping.. I did this art journal page for the scrapjacked...they jacke KC..actually her wall in her apt...then I did this one last these polka dot alpha's from reminisce...they're actually disney themed..but hey they don't have to be....
just realized I have 3 scrap dates this week.....tuesday with renee, friday with JJ, and hopefully sunday with jeniece...and then throw in dentist, grief group, weight loss group.....and Valentines day...should be a busy week....

Friday, February 6, 2009


today would've been my hubby's 39th birthday....and I just felt like going through some old pics of us.....look how young Tonee' looks here..and this was on only on her 18th...birthday....and who is that blonde lady standing next to her.. when ever I see this reminds me of ed's work was always "big sexy" he loved it and embraced it...and to me he was always big sexy....and sommer just happy to be hanging with dad.
you can see where Tonee' got those beautiful eyes......(and as she's learning early gray hair...Ed was gray by 19.)

always posers.....
Sommer going fishing with dad....they spent so much time together doing this kind of stuff....I'm sure I was out scrapbooking....
now this is hot!!! me and ed probably '87 or '88
we were new born babies!! this one had to be 1987 'cause I am sporting my McDonalds uniform....
we would go camping every summer with my family....always had a blast...and he was part of the family right off the bat!!
my family.....
getting ready for the pig roast at Tonee's graduation party
oh...he loved lil' mikey...and this is my fav picture...this is what happiness looks like!!! it's my last true memory of happiness....we were so Tonee's graduation, and the party turned out great...we did it....
so today not much is going on...gonna visit the cemetery, and then hit the gym...gotta work off that apple bee's from yesterday..just kidding...I ate the garlic and herb was so good...and it was kind of nice knowing ahead of time what I was going to get...then we headed out to scrappy fondle the new jenni bowlin.....I know that you're all thinking of me today and it helps..thank you ya all Staci